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The Great Chick Hunt

13 April 2017

Here at PAL Hire we feel it’s important to love what you do, it’s important that our team is inspired to deliver service that keeps...

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Onsite Welfare: the do’s, don’ts and musts!

6 February 2017

How legal is your construction site? Are you aware of all the regulations and standards you have to meet in order for your site to...

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Crazy Constructions: 8 weird and wonderful buildings from around the world

13 October 2016

Kansas City Library – Missouri, USA: This building is technically the central library parking garage, and is commonly known as The Community Bookshelf. It is...

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Work can be all fun and games sometimes: Virtual reality technology to take over the construction world

12 October 2016

In Bochum, Germany, Professor Dr Markus König and a team of researchers, from the Institution for Computation in Engineering at Ruhr-Unversität Bochum, are aiming to...

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Mental health within construction workers: why is there such a taboo?

10 October 2016

According to the HSE, work related stress is defined as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on...

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Serious and important things you need to know about aggregates

4 October 2016

Did you know…? In the Hoover Dam, there is so much concrete that it was put in in stages and 582 miles of pipes were...

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The importance of PPE: are we taking health and safety for granted?

15 September 2016

All construction site managers will know that one of the most important things is keeping their workers safe. Thanks to the HSE, here in the...

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Monsoon in Manchester: months worth of rain in one evening

14 September 2016

All across Manchester and the surrounding areas, thunder and lightning hit with a vengeance. Months of rain fell in a matter of hours causing mass...

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5 of the coolest smart gadgets in construction

21 July 2016

High-tech gadgets and gizmos probably don’t spring to mind when thinking of the construction industry. Smart devices and sophisticated tech are more likely to be...

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