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10 ft Office

Our 10 ft offices can be situated almost anywhere and provide an ideal solution for where offices need to be based on a short term or longer term basis.

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They provide a comfortable setting and can be delivered to anywhere in the UK

Includes personnel door and double-lock door security

Built of steel and highly secure

Fully weatherproof, watertight and wind-tight

Includes double-glazed, PVC window and strip light

Built to the highest standards and quality tested

All our storage units are professionally steam-cleaned before delivery

Includes electric plug sockets

Please let us know if you require additional extras such as heaters, extra plug sockets etc.

Our office units can be converted to your requirements, please ask our advisors for advice

Delivery & Removal

Please be aware of access for delivery

Make sure there is sufficient room around the office to be placed on the ground

Make sure there are no cables, uncovered manholes, overhanging branches etc. If there are, please inform one of our advisors first


Technical Information

Length Width Height (Standard) Overall Office Space Weight
10 ft 8 ft 8 ft 6 in 75 sq ft 1.5 tonnes

(Please note, these are an approximate guide only and can differ depending on supplier)

Safety information

Safety Information

  • Offices need to be placed on flat ground
  • Please be aware of access space for delivery
  • If access is on a narrow road, please call for advice
  • Please make us aware of any low bridges in your vicinity
  • Smoking is prohibited by law in welfare units where employees are resting
Things to consider

Things to consider

  • It’s advisable to grease the hinges at regular intervals to reduce rust if using the office for a long time
  • When placing furniture in the offices, leave space between walls to assist with airflow
  • Rest areas should not be used to store equipment, materials or plant
  • By law, rest areas should be adequately heated
  • Consider the distances workers will have to travel to visit the office on or off site
  • Offices should be located at an adequate distance from pedestrians and vehicles
  • Our team of dedicated specialists can arrange any type and number of offices. Whether it is for a construction site or a small or large event we have the solution for you

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Why don’t we display prices?

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