12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

6 December 2018

PAL Hire wanted to celebrate Christmas in a different way. We didn’t want to do what everybody else did, which is why we’ve released a 12 Days of Christmas parody. Nobody ever does that this time of year (!)

So, if we knew hundreds of other companies throughout the UK would release their own 12 Days of Christmas, even some companies in the plant hire sector have their own version of 12 Days of Christmas, why have we gone with the norm? What’s our rationale for being like everyone else?

The beauty of trying to be like everyone else meant we were in fact differentiating ourselves. We created our own lyrics and we created our own video. Again, everyone does this, but what really differentiates PAL Hire’s 12 Days of Christmas from other companies is we had our own in-house singing sensation.

The 12 days of Christmas Video

To watch our 12 Days of Christmas, use the video player above. We recommend you watching it with the volume turned up. Listen to the lyrics. This is what PAL Hire can offer you. Listen to how the lyrics flow to the music. Wait till the end of the clip to hear our singer run out of breath and have problems keeping up with the Christmas tune.

Not taking advantage of our singing sensation was almost criminal. We saw our goal and took our chance. The final production personifies Christmas, a joyous medium everyone can enjoy.

But, it’s also imperfect. As stated, there are a few problems we’ve identified. No matter how much we enjoy the run up to Christmas, when we reflect on the previous year, there’s always things we wish we did differently.

We possibly receive presents we don’t like and they’ll be exchanged on Boxing Day. We may have received two prices for a skip and went with the cheaper price, but the quality of service we received meant we regretted our decision.

For some of us, Christmas is also a time to look towards the next year and what we would like to achieve, which is why we released the video. Several of our clients know PAL Hire for one product. They don’t know we can provide a whole alphabet worth of products, from aluminium towers to Z45 boom lifts and everything in between.

An educational video presented in a fun manner that everyone can enjoy from the comfort of their seats. What next? A shocking revelation on EastEnders that ruins everyone’s Christmas!

Or how about finding one supplier for multiple items across multiple sites throughout the UK? That would be a great find in your Christmas stocking. Maybe you’ll open your stocking to find a PAL Hire brochure or an application to become a PAL Hire Account Holder. Both are great Christmas presents for those operating in the construction or event industries.

This piece has been filled with humour and sarcasm, but I think we got the message across. If you’re unsure on what the message is, I know a team that can help you. The number to ring is 0844 288 7265.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!