12 ft Mobile Eco Welfare Unit Hire

24 May 2019

Eco Welfare Unit Hire in the UK. Rain, wind, snow and seething heat. All the elements which add to the comfort of workers on site. Any site which has a team of labourers, brickies, chippies and other skills is going to need somewhere for them to shelter. The basic requirements which keep the human engine rolling during the working day is a place to take breaks. Somewhere where the butty box can be cracked open, the kettle can be boiled, and the cud chewed.

Eco Welfare

A larger welfare unit (mobile)

We’ve known it for some time but the site managers friend in terms of welfare unit hire, is the 12 ft mobile welfare unit. Everyone who hires it knows exactly how to use one, how quick and easy it is to set one up and how versatile the space is. Combining drying room, toilet, a canteen and resting area in one convenient (secure) mobile pod measuring 12ft by 7 ft is the height of convenience.

Then we started using the term eco…The Eco Mobile 12ft Welfare unit is off grid and able to provide to the welfare for a team of up to 7. That covers most construction site or building site requirements. The best think all of those crucial facilities are delivered to site in one simple mobile unit. So your team can break when the weather is too cold or wet, rest when it is time for a break, east lunch in comfort, make a brew and more. Using the latest in integrated eco generators, everything the cabin needs is also in one unit.

Just add fuel and a crew to make the most of it. Of course, you will be more interested in the speed that your team can recover so they can get back out on site and hit your deadlines. These Eco Welfare Units will take the worry out of welfare hire and with great hire rates – they are cost effective as well as exceed minimum health and safety requirements for sites with up to 7 people working on them.

Of course, our 12ft Mobile Welfare unit is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to welfare hire. If you are running more workers on a bigger site, our 16ft option is the obvious next step and chosen by larger companies for their welfare hire requirements. Or if you are looking for complete mobile versatility then we can offer a complete off grid mobile welfare van. Check out the complete range of mobile welfare units you can hire from PAL Hire. Or if you do not see something you need speak to our team.

The choices for keeping your team looked after, have never been so complete. Cost effective and simple to do as with every plant, machinery and equipment hire from PAL Hire. Your choice for Eco Welfare Unit Hire.

Call our team today or enquire online to get a quote for your welfare unit hire. *Price quoted correct at publication and does not include delivery or collection (subject to locality).