Construction Projects Avoid Failure

18 January 2021

Construction Projects Avoid Failure the ultimate guide to contingency – We look at four crucial aspects of construction that if you are not careful you can not Avoid Failure. More importantly, discover how PAL Hire is proven to reduce the risk of such events and mitigate project failure. Having the UK’s largest network of equipment hire depots helps us. Meaning we have yards and yards of hire equipment in different locations ready to send should something you order not turn up for any reason.

Adequate Planning

We have seen it time and time again. For the best intention what appears on the plans looks great, but what is delivered to site fails to factor other aspects of the project. Our scope and experience of the equipment you will hire on site, means we can help you plan efficiently. Making sure equipment arrives as it should when it should. And more importantly factoring for unforeseen circumstances which companies without our extensive experience of delivering multiple items to multiple sites – simply would not see.

Our experience in planning and execution of even the simplest of equipment hire. Delivered to multiple UK wide often complex locations each with unique time allocations. Puts us in a prime spot to support your construction project with efficient equipment hire.

This is more than just equipment rental…

The other (and perhaps main) aspect you would need to factor for you project, would be the availability of equipment. With multiple lines of equipment, each with multiple suppliers, we have built in availability for your project. When we take an order 9 times out of 10, we have an alternative supplier in waiting (if not two). As we have proven this also includes in exceptionally difficult trading climates, all products from our core range to bespoke hired equipment. If you need it, we can help you plan to hire it.

Construction Project Failure

Effective planning of your hired in equipment will allow for seasonality, climatic and environment issues which could pose delays if you expect to hire something ad-hoc. And whilst we are used to a fast ball or two, to take the risk out of the equation, you are better planning in advance with us. This way we can guarantee delivery, reduce unnecessary expense, and meet quality standards.

Super Communication

Communication is key when delivering a successful construction project. When communication between stakeholders, trades and suppliers breaks down. It can lead to less efficient use of equipment on site. Reduce productivity and overall wastage of equipment capital expenditure – the net result is creeping or missed deadlines. Which could lead to triggering, delayed payment or penalty clauses invoked. At PAL Hire we recognise the importance of your deadlines and we would expect on bigger projects that you would have an enhanced communication plan with clear established control procedures. Ensuring that you and your team understand how to interface with our dedicated support team.

There are occasions when you need to change equipment or off hire it. Depending on the type of equipment we do need adequate notice. (We have some equipment which requires heavy haulage, or transport orders to move) The clearer communication you give us about your upcoming hiring and off hiring of equipment the better. This enables us to strategically plan and maximise efficiency of the equipment you hire. We have internal processes which are designed to support you project whatever the size helping you avoid Construction Project Failure

Mitigating the effects of Scope Creep and Change Orders

When we have planned a project properly and we know the scope, the equipment we are providing, how we are getting it to you, how it is getting there and when you need it for? We can coordinate your project hire equipment more efficiently. However there comes a time when you will need to change something, react to the environment on site or you receive and additional request from stakeholders to change something. PAL Hire is uniquely positioned to react to your needs. Helping you avoid Construction Project Failure

With our 4000 + product range from, barriers to heavy plant (and everything in between). We can get kit onsite same day or next day. Meaning we can mitigate any issues that are caused by scope creep and change orders – especially where equipment is needed quickly onsite. It could be your site requires additional changes to RORO skips or additional power generation – you may just need more fuel on site to keep plant running. We can do that at the drop of the hat! When you get dealt a fastball we can respond accordingly.

Alleviation of Productivity Issues & Delays

Wonderful UK, our wonderful weather, don’t you just love it? Part of our planning for a construction project equipment supply – always must factor the what if of British Weather. It does not matter where you are in the UK, you are susceptible to four seasons in one day as the rest of us. Everything you need to deal with the extremities presented by British Weather on a construction site are available from PAL Hire. You want to avoid Construction Project Failure? We have clients who struggled until they have engaged with PAL Hire. We have experienced it all and continue to find new and innovative ways to help you maintain your ability when issues such as weather affect delays.

Access to site, safety, storage, security, breakdowns are just some of the issues which can cause productivity delays. This could be needing a simple delivery of trackpads to make sure your site is accessible for delivery of materials. We have experienced it all before and know how to sole your key issues.

Take for example you have your own fleet of excavators or site plant. Which some of our customers do. You will already have an idea when scheduled maintenance is needed on all your equipment. And when you have an excavator go down, for whatever reason, you can turn to PAL Hire to get a replacement with you as soon as humanly possible. We like that term, as out team will do its best to rally round our supply chain of 1000+ suppliers and get that replacement equipment with you as quickly as haulage or humanly possible. Use these tips to Avoid Construction Project Failure

Therefore, opening an account with PAL Hire is ideal – if you have not already. Have us there waiting on the side-lines to help you when you need us. For more information about the scope of equipment we can provide you. Discover how we integrate with your project and make tools, equipment and plant hire simple and cost effective speak to one of our team.