5 of the coolest smart gadgets in construction

5 of the coolest smart gadgets in construction

21 July 2016

High-tech gadgets and gizmos probably don’t spring to mind when thinking of the construction industry. Smart devices and sophisticated tech are more likely to be associated with the office and corporate world.

However, the industry is fast-moving when it comes to adapting to technology and savvy gadgets are fast-moving into the industry.

From safety to practicality, handy to downright genius, the following gadgets are revolutionising how things are currently done.

The CAT S60 Smartphone

When you was a kid, did you dream of having superpowers that enabled you to see through walls? Well, the CAT S60 Smartphone, introduced by Caterpillar helps you do just that… well nearly.

Not your average Smartphone, this nifty device doubles up as a thermal imaging camera, helping construction workers to see leaks, electrical lines and much more. It not only has X-ray vision but it is water-resistant. Perfect for any construction worker.

The Kespry Drone

Now this is where it gets really sophisticated. The uses of this Kespry Drone are plenty.

During the planning and measuring phase, this drone can collect and analyse aerial data across hundreds of sites, providing millions of data points in 3D. It takes less than 20 minutes to fly across a 60 acre site and the tracking progress itself takes less than a minute.

Projects can be captured across entire sites, where teams have a visual history of progress. Volume, perimeter or distance can easily be calculated via the data points provided.

The drone then can even wirelessly upload all the data to the cloud for information processing (via an app of course). Phew!

The Halo Light

30% of injuries in road work areas are caused between 9pm and 6am, due to lack of visibility. One company, Illumagear have started to combat this by bringing out a range of luminous workwear including the Halo Light.

The Halo Light acts as a full-brightness, wrap around light for the hard-hat. This high-intensity LED light is a full 360 degrees, enabling the worker to be seen from all directions, with an impressive range of ¼ mile, providing extra security all round.

The Smart Helmet

The company behind the Smart Helmet, DAQRI – renowned for augmented reality gadgets have put some serious research in to the construction industry before bringing this to market and to say they have innovated doesn’t even begin to explain it.

The Smart Helmet outlays a workers instructions across their visor in a 4D system so they can see what needs to be done in their immediate view.

This reduces training time and connects current tasks in real time to the job in hand. The helmet can additionally have 360° navigation cameras to take pictures and record video.

Alphanumeric capture and 3D mapping are also supported so that the opportunities for 3D mapping, maintaining construction records and optimizing compliance are endless.

The Toolbox of the Future

This ‘smart’ toolbox has an impressive array of internal functions, reducing the need to carry additional gadgets. This all-in-one solution includes:

  • An extension cable
  • Lithium batteries
  • USB chargers
  • LED display
  • Bluetooth connection
  • 2 x 20 watt speakers
  • Tablet stand
  • Detachable LED lamps
  • White board
  • Oh, and a bottle opener (not exactly tech, but probably well-needed after a day on-site!)

What more could a construction worker want?