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Paint Thinners

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 17th December 2015

Paint Thinners

PAL Hire can look after the collection and safe disposal of hazardous waste such as paint thinners.

Commercial Waste – Are You Breaking the Law?

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 28th May 2019

Commercial Waste - Are You Breaking the Law?

The law is acting against those unlawfully disposing of waste. In the last week, more than 60 sites across Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire received unannounced visits from the Environment Agency and HMRC officers as they began a crackdown on suspected waste crime. The joint action was a follow up on reports of the illegal burning of commercial waste. The HMRC is working alongside the Environment Agency to help waste site operators understand how they can comply with tax obligations when it comes to operating a waste site; however, the main reason for action is to stop waste criminals putting…

How Will the Weather Affect Productivity?

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 15th October 2018

How Will the Weather Affect Productivity?

It has been said throughout time that weather affects people’s mood. A lack of sunlight can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder. The disorder usually affects people from October to April when there is a reduction in daylight hours. In the same way, weather can affect productivity on a construction site. A reduction in productivity could lead to extended project lengths and increased costs. The impact of adverse weather is a common cause of delays and economic losses in construction projects. In a journal published earlier this year, a study indicated that UK weather extends project durations by an average of 21%.…

What can I not put in my skip?

Relevance: 12%      Posted on: 29th May 2018

  NO Asbestos Batteries Biological Waste Computer Monitors Corrosive Liquid Diesel Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Explosives Fire Extinguishers Fluorescent Tubes Fridges Gas Cylinders/ Aerosols Hazardous or Harmful Materials Laboratory Waste Lightbulbs Liquids Mattresses Medical Waste Oils Paint and Paint Tins Pesticides Petrol Plasterboard Solvents TVs Tyres  

Economical Waste Solutions – Skip, Bag or Van

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 9th March 2018

Economical Waste Solutions - Skip, Bag or Van

Sometimes a hefty chunk of metal sat on your drive, on the road or on site is just not practical enough. You could be in an area where practical skip use for the removal of waste is just not feasible? This could be due to local authority or pure traffic flow issues, or just that access is not that easy - sometimes a skip is not the answer for your waste issue, and other waste solutions are available. The good news is there are a host of alternatives to the traditional skip, all of which can save you time, money…

Serious and important things you need to know about aggregates

Relevance: 6%      Posted on: 4th October 2016

Serious and important things you need to know about aggregates

Facts that start with the Hoover Dam? In the Hoover Dam, there is so much concrete that it was put in in stages and 582 miles of pipes were used to cool it – otherwise it would have taken 125 years to set it! Also, there’s so much concrete there, there’s enough to build a motorway that’s two lanes wide from New York to San Francisco. The word ‘concrete’ comes from the Latin word ‘concretus’ which, loosely, translates to ‘grow together’ and was named by the Romans. Concrete is the most used material in the entire world, with about 20 billion tons…