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Vibrating Wacker Plate

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: 17th February 2016

To compact hard materials such as gravel and sand, you will need medium-duty vibrating plates. The vibrating wacker plate is low on vibration and has a high compact rate. With low vibrations, the machine can continually perform at high speed providing increased output. Please note that it is not recommended to use the vibrating wacker plate indoors as it could cause a fatality due to CO poisoning. All our wacker plates are supplied with a full tank of petrol and should you wish to add more, please ask our friendly team for a quote.

Reversible Wacker Plates

Relevance: 50%      Posted on: 17th February 2016

Reversible Wacker Plates are suitable for asphalt, earth and ballast compaction and for materials such as stone, cable trenches and pipes. For surface preparation, our wacker is the one to hire. With a reversible combination, great results are achieved every single time and produces a clean surface is produced. With a diesel engine, the wacker is high performing and can be utilised in different terrain for long periods of time. A safety-cut assures that when the machine is moved back, it cannot trap the operator and any obstruction blocking the path. We offer a range of extension plates depending on…

9 Tonne Front Tip Dumper

Relevance: 5%      Posted on: 15th February 2016

The 9 tonne front tip dumper is the perfect model for the largest of earth moving jobs. This 9 tonne front tip dumper has it all. From an adjustable suspension seat for the operator which is accessible from both sides, an electric horn, hydraulic controls, this dumper picks and dumps materials up to 9000kg. The base steel plate is 6 mm and fully welded. That leaves no place for material traps. The hydraulic tanks are positioned in the lower chassis side chamber for easy access for refills. A ROPS frame comes as a standard in this model.

5T Excavator

Relevance: 5%      Posted on: 15th February 2016

5T Excavator hire is easy with PAL Hire. This excavator is efficient and productive, making it ideal for medium sized sites. With a short tail radius, the 5T Excavator packs a punch at under a width of 3m. Its compact size allows this excavator to manoeuvre where the excavation is required and can reach depths of up to 4m. The applications for this excavator include large projects, landscaping work, moving earth, clearing sites and creating new footpaths by removing earth from the existing footpath. Available with a range of attachments: Hydraulic Breaker Compactor Plate Hook Attachment Pallet Folks Post Boring…

Want to get the most throughout, minimise downtime, and save fuel costs? PAL Hire is leading the charge

Relevance: 5%      Posted on: 30th November 2017

Want to get the most throughout, minimise downtime, and save fuel costs? PAL Hire is leading the charge 1

Road users can save up to £800 each year by choosing the most efficient method of fuel management. For businesses, this is of importance as it benefits both their customer base and, of course, the ‘bottom line’. Any company that supply to a fuelling or fleet operations business is mindful of the big bite fuel costs are taking from the decisive profit margin. PAL Hire is an ISO9001 accredited company – with an experienced management system designed to work with customers and clients to meet all fuel requirements and beat all competitors when it comes to fuel tank hire and…

Types of Buckets for Excavators and Heavy Plant

Relevance: 5%      Posted on: 29th January 2018

Types of Buckets for Excavators and Heavy Plant 1

Modern Plant Machinery and Excavator buckets are built to dig. The environments where excavators we hire are used are not always the same nor is the task they are hired to achieve. Depending on the site or the task in hand can depict on what attachments are supplied with the machine. Across the sizes of machinery available (from mini diggers, 1.5 Tonne Excavator, 3 Tonne Excavator, 5 Tonne Excavator up to larger 20 and 30 tonne excavators). Our excavators for hire normally come with three digging buckets and a grading bucket. For additional requirements for attachments for plant, machinery hire…

PCLX 12/40E – Electric Compactor

Relevance: 5%      Posted on: 17th October 2019

Hire an Electric Compactor from PAL Hire. A lightweight professional compaction plate with high performance and travel speed from the 12kN vibration unit. Designed with an environmentally friendly Electric Motor for use indoors and poorly ventilated areas. Tamp down footings, driveways or any surface which needs to be level in preparation for the next phase in the construction project. This could be a concrete pour, slab lay or floor screed. Great terms and availability - Wackerplate Operating Instructions. 3.3KVA Transformer Required