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Sub Pump & Float

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 19th February 2016

A sub pump & float you can turn on and leave, this pump will turn itself off automatically when water levels reach a certain point.

Submersible Pumps

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 19th February 2016

Submersible Pumps are fully submersive and deal with deep water found in swimming pools, wells and drains.

38’x9′ Eco Static Welfare Unit

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 22nd May 2019

The largest eco-static welfare unit available for hire, the unique 38'x9' Eco Static Welfare Unit provides comfort for up to 12 operatives and comes with two toilets, allowing you to have specific gender toilets on-site. Two versions of the unit are available: one with two toilets or one with a larger kitchen, replacing one of the toilets. Speak to our team regarding your requirements, so we can hire you the ideal toilet to meet your needs. The mains toilet unit also offers operatives a greater sized drying room, with the unit being ready-to-use within 10 minutes, delivered with diesel and water.…

Mental health within construction workers: why is there such a taboo?

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 10th October 2016

According to the HSE, work related stress is defined as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them in the work place’, and mental health is ‘how we think, feel and behave’. Under certain circumstances, work related stress can turn into common mental health problems (CMHP’s) such as anxiety and depression, when they are left unnoticed or brushed to one side. Anxiety is an overwhelming feeling of worry and/or panic over something that may or may not happen, when depression is long periods of vast sadness. Both of these can be partially…

Help with types of Waste for Skips and Roll on Roll of Containers

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 18th July 2019

A handy waste guide for business What can I put in a skip? What waste do you process? Here is a smart guide to what you can put in a skip or Roll on Roll off container. Our focus is on commercial and trade waste. If you are buying in waste management services from PAL Hire (or any skip and waste service provider). There some good tips to help you avoid additional costs. Quantify your waste Correctly grade your waste What is the waste Who is responsible for your waste Does the service meet your CSR objectives? What is not…

Tower Lights a Tale of Some British Men, Light Bulbs and Beards

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 8th September 2019

Common sense dictates that when the nights draw in towards the end of the year, the light fades. The risk of accident and or injury on site increases. That is when light towers come into their own on building sites, large construction sites, road works and anywhere burly men swing pickaxes or fiddle the lever of an excavator. There is such an interesting story attached to light bulbs and L.E.D'S (light emitting diodes or LEDS). The fact we have lighting towers for hire is great, but the story behind it all is mesmerising. It involves a gaggle of chemists, some…

Glow-in-the-dark cement could replace street lights and illuminate pavements

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 11th May 2016

A Mexican scientist has invented a glow-in-the dark cement which could replace the need for street lights and illuminate pavements and bicycle lanes. The cement, which is sun-resistant works by absorbing solar energy throughout the daytime and during the evening then releases it. The cement, which has been patented by Dr. José Carlos Rubio of the University of San Nicolas Hidalgo, Mexico is believed to be the first of its kind. Dr. Rubio explained that when water is mixed with regular cement, it forms crystal flakes which act as a barrier to solar energy and its ability to absorb. He…

Are Your Toilets Legal?

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 21st June 2016

Legal toilets? Sounds like something a shifty-looking, cigar-smoking Delboy would try and sell you, “And, they flush too Rodderz!” Hiring loos is easy isn’t it? You call the hiring company, place your order and they get delivered within a few days. Job done. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. The law is taking a dim view on employers and site contractors who don’t provide adequate toilet facilities to workers and users, so it is vital that you implement facilities that are fully compliant. And, it isn’t the responsibility of the toilet supplier to make sure that it is compliant, it is…

5 of the coolest smart gadgets in construction

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 21st July 2016

High-tech gadgets and gizmos probably don’t spring to mind when thinking of the construction industry. Smart devices and sophisticated tech are more likely to be associated with the office and corporate world. However, the industry is fast-moving when it comes to adapting to technology and savvy gadgets are fast-moving into the industry. From safety to practicality, handy to downright genius, the following gadgets are revolutionising how things are currently done. The CAT S60 Smartphone When you was a kid, did you dream of having superpowers that enabled you to see through walls? Well, the CAT S60 Smartphone, introduced by Caterpillar…

Monsoon in Manchester: months worth of rain in one evening

Relevance: 9%      Posted on: 14th September 2016

All across Manchester and the surrounding areas, thunder and lightning hit with a vengeance. Months of rain fell in a matter of hours causing mass flooding, and that was just the beginning of the weather nightmare that occurred - and the City match being cancelled was the least of everyone’s worries. In the city centre of Manchester, trams were drawn to a halt and Market Street resembled somewhat of a shallow lake. Stores such as Harvey Nichols were victims of the flood and staff were seen swishing through the ground floor of the building. source: The Arndale staff were…

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