A Royal Wedding Street Party

A Royal Wedding Street Party

10 May 2018

In just 9 days we will all be listening, waiting and watching. To see the dress, see his suit, the kiss on the balcony, I’m sure you know exactly what is happening… it’s the Royal Wedding!

All you patriotic people out there may be considering celebrating the royals in the one-way Britain knows how, a street party. Here at PAL Hire, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate such a joyous occasion, so we’re here to tell you how we can make this day as magical as the one being celebrated at Buckingham Palace.

What is a Street Party?

Street parties were first documented in 1919, being known as ‘Peace Tea’s’ as a special treat for children after the first world war. Since then, they have been held for many occasions including the Queen’s coronation, her silver, golden and diamond jubilee, and of course, the royal weddings of Charles & Diana, and William & Kate.

These events most commonly feature an incredibly long row of tables down the centre of a road, British Flag bunting hanging from lamp posts, the tables are decorated with tablecloths and napkins celebrating our country and the nations family, often masks of the royal family are provided and of course… there’s plenty of food to go around.

Usually, everyone attending pitches in to provide food including sausage rolls, lemon drizzle cake, scones (however you want to pronounce them), scotch eggs, pork pies, coronation chicken, trifles, Victoria sponge cakes, sandwiches of all varieties, and any other very British food you can think of. Each party will have something different, but you’re likely to see the nations favourites at them all.

What Would We Need to Do?

Now you obviously can’t close the road without asking your local authorities, and it usually does come at a cost, but with many local authorities abolishing the law for this occasion, and the government encouraging other councils to follow suit, you have no excuse not to join the fun.

You would need to ask all your neighbours before commencing. Many of them are likely to want to join in, but some may not be happy with it, so make sure you have permission off everybody who lives on your street before taking the plans any further.

If you wanted to encourage more people to come, you could advertise on local groups on Facebook to spread the world. Another good idea would be to ask for everyone attending to donate to Prince Harry’s Heads Together Charity, some people will take any opportunity to raise some money for a good cause, especially one that has a very close and special connection to the day.

You’ll obviously want some music for the event, give everyone a chance to have a dance and really get into the spirit of things. One thing many people will be surprised to know is that you don’t need a music licence if you want to play music, so there’s one less worry for you.

If you are unable to organise a road closure for your party, you’re still able to have an informal ‘street meet’ on a driveway, parking area, front garden or end of a cul-de-sac without getting permission off the council as it’s private land, just make sure you ask everyone who uses that land.

With the FA World Cup happening on the same day as Harry and Megan’s wedding, there has never been a better time to get all your friends, family and neighbours together to celebrate and have fun.

What Can PAL Hire Do to Help?

Here at PAL Hire, we have all the necessary things for you to hire, adding a little more ease to the day.

Fences and barriers to signal the road closure.

To redirect traffic and keep all your party-goers safe our road-liner barriers would be perfect for the job, adding these at each end of the road would prevent people from trying to drive through, creating the ultimate safety for your guests. Have a look at the barriers here.

Lighting so your party can continue into the night.

Generators to provide electricity to you all.

Marquees for if the British weather decides to do what it does best…RAIN.

Portable Toilets so there is no need for people to be traipsing in an out of your house to use the facilities.

Heating equipment in case you get a little chilly.

Skip hire to clean up the mess afterwards.


Anything you can think of, we have it. Call us today for your one stop solution for your royal celebration, 0844 288 7265.


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