Access to Sites 1

Access to Sites

2 October 2018

Project sites are notoriously dangerous and restricting access is an issue several companies have had to overcome in the past. Health and safety regulations state construction sites must be completely closed to prevent unauthorised access by the public and to eliminate injury to trespassers.

With the help of PAL Hire, you can restrict access to your site to protect the public and your workforce. Offering a wide range of fences and barriers, PAL Hire caters to all requirements, for constructions and events.

Event Sites

There are minimal challenges when it comes to setting up an event site. When you ring our team, they will discuss your requirements and help you set up your event.

All our event barriers are used to ensure the smooth running of events. PAL Hire has the diversity to cater for small gatherings, large production events, and special functions, such as outdoor weddings.

Through our offering of safety and crowd control barriers, we can prevent unwanted access to private events.

For large production companies hosting concerts or festivals, our stage barriers provide a safe working area.

For exhibitions and outdoor weddings, we can offer high quality rope and post barriers to add class to any rented space. The ropes are lightweight and low maintenance, making them an ideal fixture at an upmarket event.

Our supplier base requires delivery areas to be free from obstructions to deliver and set up the barriers.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are a different entity when it comes to the issues and challenges relating to accessing sites. They are immensely dangerous, not only for the workforce, but also for the public.

During the planning stages of a project, challenges should be discussed, and several factors must be considered, including:

  • The length of the project – if a project is only for a few days, you may require limited fencing to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.
  • The location of the project – if it is in a highly populated area where people often travel, many barriers would be needed to protect the workforce.
  • Type of project – certain projects require plant and machinery, which are very expensive and need to be protected. PAL Hire can also provide site storage options, if required.

With numerous safety and highway barriers, we restrict the public from accessing a construction site. This ensures plant and machinery is kept safe, as well as maintaining the wellbeing of workers.

All pedestrian barriers provided by our network of suppliers are fully Chapter 8 complaint and are suitable for road use.

Vehicle gates are also available for hire as this will allow a section of the site for the delivery of resources and ideal for sites requiring maintenance access.

Security on Site

High levels of security are needed to secure site materials, plant, and other valuable assets. This kind of theft is in in the tens of millions and heightened security is the only way to reduce loss.

It is estimated theft costs the UK construction industry approx. £800 million per annum.

Plant vehicles have a minimal recovery rate due to identification and registration issues. The Plant Theft Action Group is trying to unify methods to identify stolen plant, but this is not necessarily preventative in its current state.

The Chartered Institute of Building have revealed that 92% of construction sites were affected by crime, with 21% stating their construction sites were burgled every week. Theft is a growing problem within the industry and is likely to continue.

The challenges facing sites all revolve around protecting those inside and outside the event. The protection of the public, the workforce, or event goers should be at the forefront of the thought process when planning a site.