Electric Excavator

An Electric Excavator, is it the Future? SANY Think They Are!

29 March 2023

Unveiling their SY19E at the executive hire show last month, SANY UK are now proud to be launching their new innovative electric excavator to the UK Market. Is it worth upgrading though? Today we take a look at everything we know about the product, the reality of electric equipment, and where to find the equipment you need.

SANY UK’s SY19E Mini Electric Excavator

SANY have designed a lovely compact excavator, perfect for small urban spaces, private gardens, and other scenarios that might require a smaller machine without lacking the power of a bigger vehicle. On-top-of-that, the machine is also fully electric. This means it has zero emissions. Another plus for urban jobs, as legislations become stricter on city emissions and fossil fuel power sources. Making an electric excavator a great option.

It has a cobalt free lithium iron phosphate battery allowing for a faster and safer charge. The batter lifespan is also longer with up to 3,500 full charge cycles which means no secondary battery replacement cost.

With a single automotive charging socket, flexible charging solutions with 3 options as standard –240v domestic option with a 9 hour charge time, a 360v industrial option with a 2.5 hour charge time and finally a DC fast charge option of just 1.5 hours. This means you have a reliable range of options to help ensure the machine is ready for the work ahead.

Of course, with electric vehicles, comes a certain level of forward planning; however, there also comes the advantage of cheaper running costs. Regardless of your belief in electric alternatives, this machine is a welcomed addition to the industry.

“We are excited to introduce our new electric mini excavator, the SY19E to the UK market,” commented Leigh Harris, Business Development Director of SANY UK. “The machine offers exceptional performance and efficiency, while also contributing to SANY’s commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.”

Electric Excavator Hire?

The cost of brand-new vehicles can be a lot, so many people turn to hiring instead. Maybe you can’t justify the use of a mini extractor but you don’t want to turn down a job. Then hiring out equipment lets you have the specific tools needed for a job without the hefty upfront payment of buying a brand new piece of equipment.

Here at PAL Hire we have the largest database of equipment hire depots in the UK. We can find you exactly what you need when you need it. We handle the entire process, finding the best quotes, availabilities, products, and the delivery process as well. So, if you need something like a mini-extractor, then our team would be happy to help.  

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