Are You Ready to Off-Hire? 2

Are You Ready to Off-Hire?

31 October 2018

Within PAL Hire, and the plant hire industry in general, there is great confusion in relation to the off-hiring process. As PAL Hire continues to grow its client base, an off-hire process has been created for our internal teams and our clients.

Off-hiring is the point at which the client has finishing using the piece of equipment they have hired, and it is ready to be collected. It is also the point the charge for hiring equipment stops.

If you’re new to hiring from PAL Hire, you should find the guidelines helpful and enable a smooth off-hire process when using PAL Hire.


To start, the client must inform PAL Hire they are off-hiring equipment. Until this has been done and the client has been provided with an off-hire reference, the equipment will be classed as on hire.

Official termination of equipment can only be confirmed once you have an off-hire reference. For this reason, we recommend you ring our support team before 5:30pm.

If you prefer collection to be the same day as the off-hire, we request you provide 7 days’ notice. We cannot guarantee we’re able to collect the day after you off-hire.

Clarify the Off-Hire Period

There is no set hire period. You can hire for however long you require the piece of equipment, but there always seems to be confusion as to when hire starts and when off-hire begins.

If the hire start date is Monday, and you require the equipment for one week, the week will finish on Sunday.

We strive to ensure equipment is delivered before the start of the working day. If it is delivered in the middle of the day, you must not use the equipment after the end of the hire period as you may incur additional charges.

If you need to continue using the machinery, call our team and we’ll create a new hire agreement to ensure no time is lost.

As a testament to our excellent customer service, our teams call clients to ask whether they wish to continue or end their hire period.

We are always flexible. If you need to extend your hire period, off-hire, or require further equipment, let us know. We’re always here to help.