Are You Using a Multiple Products Supplier?

Are You Using a Multiple Products Supplier?

25 April 2019

PAL Hire prides itself on being a problem solving company providing multiple products to your project site. Whether you operate in the events or construction industries our hire range is ideal as it saves you time and money.

Multiple Products from Multiple Suppliers

A large construction site generally comprises a wide range of products: fencing to protect operatives and restrict unauthorised access; diggers and other forms of plant to complete large jobs; ROROs to place the debris and rubble; and, toilets and welfare units giving operatives the chance for comfort breaks and rests during a long day.

If this sounds like the type of site you’re operating, or have been working on, then the question to be asked is why would you hire your equipment from multiple suppliers? If you found one company capable of providing all the products needed for you to complete your job, would you grab the opportunity to save time and your money with both hands?

PAL Hire can almost guarantee that you’ll say “yes.” We know this because we are the multiple products supplier with the capacity and UK-wide reach to service your requirements for your construction site.

Multiple Products from One Supplier

This is where PAL Hire comes into a league of its own. Our understanding of the ins and outs of a construction site helps us plan the construction site alongside you and to your requirements.

When you hire multiple products from us, we help you plan a delivery and collection schedule. A construction site is ever changing; if it’s a new build, equipment may need to be moved, or exchanged if skips and ROROs are involved.

If you’re undertaking a refurb project, the intricacies surrounding placement of equipment and movement of workers must be considered before starting the project. Workers health and safety must be at the forefront of your mind, and HSE regulations state there needs to be one toilet to a maximum of seven operatives.

PAL Hire understands the formation of a project site, whether it be an event or a construction project, and has the products designed to link all your requirements together for them to be met by a multiple products supplier.

All-Encompassing Events Supplier

It’s not only within the construction industry where PAL Hire’s multiple products policy helps us supply a wide range of clients, but we’re also regarded as an events specialist.

Our newly created events section, which can be accessed here, showcases the wide range of events products you can hire. Anything and everything needed to run an outdoor event can be provided by PAL Hire from temporary buildings and furniture to event staff and a variety of high powered generators capable of running for several hours.

Given the unique differences between an event and a construction site, utilising one supplier for an event is the best course of action due to equipment needed to be delivered and collected on-time. If even one piece of equipment is delivered late, there would be an impact to the entire event.

Our events clients benefit from continuous support throughout the initial stages of an event. Our support team are in constant communication with our clients to ensure they’re aware of any developments.

This support function places PAL Hire head and shoulders above many similar companies. Supporting our clients to run their event to its full capabilities and ensuring all attendees experience the event to its fullest are our main aims.

PAL Hire, The Multiple Products Supplier

Over the next few weeks, PAL Hire shall be showcasing its multiple products capability with a series of real life scenarios of how our clients hired multiple products from multiple suppliers and the benefits they experienced when they moved to hiring multiple products from PAL Hire.