Avoiding Delays to Your Project 3

Avoiding Delays to Your Project

10 October 2018

There is only one thing worse than finding out you need an additional piece of equipment that is vital to operations and will need to be on-site tomorrow? Ringing the wrong plant hire company. This will cause delays to your project.

When you ring the wrong company, you’ll be frustrated as they struggle to find you the machine you need. If they find the equipment, you’ll be frustrated at the high prices they’re charging due to the short turnaround time.

PAL Hire’s team will move heaven and earth to find you the machine you need at the best price. We’ll also book delivery and collection times when you accept the quote.

Earlier this week, we found a quote, delivered and collected the equipment all on the same day.

Avoiding Delays

Careful planning is a must if you want to avoid delays. Any delay in delivering vital pieces of equipment will result in a delay in project, increasing costs and reducing profit.

To keep projects on time, project managers need to devise a detailed project plan that must be followed by contractors. When hiring equipment, PAL Hire can create a delivery schedule and ensure equipment is delivered in order of need.

Project plans can be updated as the project progresses, offering an overview of the entire project, as well as providing managers the ability to identify potential challenges and, with the help of PAL Hire, solve problems before they transform into costly delays.


For a successful project to be completed on time, the keyword all parties will have to follow is coordination.

All parties are cogs in the wheel and the only way for the wheel to continue rotating in a perfect motion is for each cog to do its part. Without PAL Hire, the cogs will come loose, and the wheel will fall.

We hold suppliers and customers together in a beautiful matrimony designed to get the best outcome for all involved, as well as ensuring the project is completed on time.

Inevitable Delays

The construction world is such an entity that some delays are inevitable. No matter how much planning you put in place there is always one thing you cannot plan for – mother nature. When these delays happen, it is a case of rescheduling and completing tasks that can be undertaken.

PAL Hire has excellent relationships with its supplier base and if you need to delay the delivery of equipment, let us know and we will inform our supplier.

To ensure you get equipment on-site at the right time, call PAL Hire. We have a proven track record of taking on any challenge and finding a positive solution for the customer.

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