Benefits of a Trade Account 1

Benefits of a Trade Account

30 July 2018

Many within the hire industry are unaware of the excellent benefits available to them if they create a trade account with PAL Hire. A trade account opens you to a whole new world within the PAL Hire umbrella and provides perks unavailable if completing one-off hires. If you know you’ll be hiring constantly from PAL Hire, then applying for a trade account is the best option to save you time and money.

Setting up a trade account with PAL Hire has several benefits:

Dedicated Account Manager:

Once you’ve applied and been accepted for a trade account, we will assign you an Account Manager, whose sole purpose is to ensure you build an excellent working relationship with PAL Hire, as well as provide all the other benefits encompassed within creating a trade account.

Your Account Manager will look after your individual needs. They’ll be your point of contact within PAL Hire and will understand your business to get the most out of our resources to meet your requirements.

Single Point of Billing:

As mentioned in an earlier post, single point of billing was introduced to improve user experience. PAL Hire’s ethos is to continue to provide the best user experience in the hire industry and we are continuously thinking of new and innovative ways of providing the best customer experience in an industry heavily driven by price.

We’ve eradicated the need to sift through individual invoices, as we’ll provide one invoice for multiple hires on multiple sites. Our single point of billing leads to a reduction in the time spent processing invoices. Not only do we take the hassle out of hire, we also take the hassle out of admin.

Our aim is to get it right first time. We want you to pick up the phone and know everything will be as you requested and there will be no need to make a second call. One call is all it takes for PAL Hire to fulfil your hiring needs. The number to call is 0844 288 7265.

Nationwide Coverage:

Anywhere in England. Anywhere in Wales. Anywhere in Scotland. With our UK-wide supplier base, wherever you are, we will be there too.

Preferential Rates:

Part of your account manager’s role is to ensure you are provided with the best rates in the industry. We’ll ensure when you hire from us, you’re provided with an exceptional rate akin to local rates, and we will not sacrifice our excellent customer service.

Saving You Time:

One call to your Account Manager, providing them with the details of your hiring needs, and they will chase, haggle, and hound our supplier base to get the best deal for you. You will not have to ring 10 different companies and speak to several different people in the hope of securing kit. We’ll do the leg work, we’ll get the equipment you need, we’ll create delivery and off-hire schedules, all so you can concentrate on completing the project.

A trade account with PAL Hire provides benefits beyond your wildest imagination and you’ll see the rewards the instant you’re accepted. You can either apply for a trade account online or speak to the team on 0844 288 7265.