Building Tomorrow: A Dive into the Game-Changing Innovations that are Reshaping the Construction Industry

30 November 2023

The world of construction is experiencing a significant shift as the demand for cost-effective, sustainable and technologically advanced building materials continues to grow. In this...

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PAL Joins Forces with TeamKickabout

11 October 2023

PAL Hire Joins Forces with Award-Winning Community Group “Team Kickabout” to Extend Mental Health Support for Dads Across All Walks of Life PAL Hire, a...

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Doosan Corporation Construction Equipment

30 June 2023

A brand change but the same quality for Doosan! Who are they? Well, Doosan have recently undergone some changes. This past year, Doosan changed their...

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Groundhog Welfare Units

29 June 2023

Groundhog welfare units, an industry standard for portable welfare! Mobile Welfare Units: What are they? Well, welfare units are units that can be hired or...

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Electric Diggers: Are they worth it?

28 June 2023

Reducing harmful emissions is an important step for most construction companies. It also seems like the electric generation of construction vehicles is soon to take...

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SANY: Construction Vehicles

27 June 2023

Sany’s powerful machines are some of the industries most respected vehicles! So here is a deeper look at everything they have to offer as party...

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