Commercial Waste – Are You Breaking the Law?

28 May 2019

The law is acting against those unlawfully disposing of waste. In the last week, more than 60 sites across Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire received...

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12 ft Mobile Eco Welfare Unit Hire

24 May 2019

Rain, wind, snow and seething heat. All the elements which add to the comfort of workers on site. Any site which has a team of...

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Keeping Workers Hydrated

22 May 2019

It’s often said that a happy worker makes a productive worker, which we all agree with, but more importantly, a hydrated worker makes a productive...

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Hire On-Site Tools and Plant and Machinery

15 May 2019

As a multiple products supplier, it is PAL Hire’s duty to provide you and your workforce with all the tools needed to complete your project....

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Multiple Products Supplier – Events and Festivals

9 May 2019

Events and festivals during the summer are as British as tea and biscuits. From Shakespeare at a castle, the re-enactment of historical battles, and food...

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Multiple Products Supplier – Toilets to Generators

1 May 2019

Following last week’s article “Are You Using a Multiple Products Supplier?”, this week’s article focuses on a construction scenario brought to us by one of...

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