Case study: Net Zero Energy Centre in North West England – May 2024

21 May 2024

Project Overview:

PAL Hire is proud to announce our role in supplying equipment for a new ground-breaking Energy Network project in the North of England, this innovative initiative aimed to establish a Low-to-Zero Carbon (LZC) district heat network. The project focuses on building a cutting-edge Energy Centre that utilizes air source heat pumps and an underground piping network to deliver sustainable heating solutions to public buildings throughout the city centre.


  1. Environmental Impact: Facilitate a significant reduction in carbon emissions, contributing towards the city’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions. The project aimed to cut approximately 8,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2e) per year in phase one alone, enhancing local air quality and promoting environmental sustainability.
  1. Economic Viability: Provide an economically feasible solution for decarbonized heat, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional heating methods. The project aimed to deliver total whole-life costs approximately 30% cheaper than competing zero-carbon alternatives, making it an attractive proposition for businesses and investors.
  1. Community Development: Create employment opportunities and apprenticeships within the supply chain, fostering skill development to support the local economy. The project sought to generate new jobs during both the construction and operational phases, injecting vitality into the community.
  1. Architectural Integration: Seamlessly integrate the Energy Centre into the city’s urban landscape while reflecting the city’s industrial heritage. The architectural design aimed to blend functionality with aesthetics, employing a palette of materials that harmonised with the surrounding environment and showcased a commitment to sustainability.

Challenges Faced:

  • Site Selection: Adapting to changes in site selection posed logistical challenges, requiring flexible planning and coordination to ensure seamless project execution.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating regulatory frameworks and obtaining necessary permits demanded meticulous attention to detail to ensure compliance with environmental standards and planning regulations.
  • Stakeholder Coordination: Collaborating with various stakeholders, including local authorities, developers, and community representatives, required effective communication and negotiation to align interests and overcome potential conflicts.

Solution Implemented:

PAL Hire facilitated the procurement of equipment essential for the project to be successful. Leveraging our extensive network of suppliers and industry expertise, we ensured timely delivery of high-quality equipment, adhering to project specifications and budgetary constraints. Some of the equipment we supplied included, but was not limited to, large scale water delivery systems, water bowsers, plant nappies, barriers, anti-climb fencing, welfare, a range of tools, and plant equipment. 

Results Achieved:

  1. Environmental Impact: A 85-90% reduction in emissions related to buildings on the district heating network, significantly improving local air quality and advancing local sustainability goals.
  2. Economic Benefits: By offering a cost-effective alternative for decarbonized heat, the project enhanced attractiveness to investors and businesses in the area.
  3. Community Empowerment: The creation of apprenticeships and job opportunities within the supply chain helped support the local economy, by empowering residents with valuable skills and employment prospects.
  4. Architectural Innovation: The architectural design of the Energy Centre combines functionality with style, embodying a commitment to sustainability and green energy while reflecting the industrial heritage of the area.


This project shows the power of collaboration and innovation in addressing pressing environmental challenges while promoting economic growth and community development. By leveraging renewable energy sources and cutting-edge technology, the project has positioned the area as a leader in clean energy initiatives, paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future. PAL Hire is proud to have played a pivotal role in this vision, contributing to the collective effort towards building a greener, more resilient world.