Equipment Hire Case Study: Multi Site UK Wide Set Up Premier Modular Ltd

8 July 2021

The Problem

Equipment Hire Case Study from PAL Hire, we look at providing multi site set up of equipment for our UK wide client. The November 2020 lockdown provided the continuation of the largest peacetime mobilisation of a volunteer workforce (1) and the largest peacetime UK deployment of our armed forces (2). All in a bid to support a speedy recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Resulting in test, trace and vaccination centres needed to be set up in car parks and public spaces throughout the UK.

Premier Modular Ltd, one of the UKs leading modular building and offsite construction specialists. Were involved in a multi-site UK Wide programme for test and trace. However the demand for temporary buildings reached their capacity. This would have had detrimental effect on meeting contractual requirements. The hunt was on for a third party supplier to help them to bolster provision of temporary buildings with hired in units.

A testing site typically would have infrastructure to support the test and trace activity, shifts of volunteers and provide adequate security. This meant complete set up of sites, enabling functional workspaces and administrative support. Not to mention everything from welfare units, (temporary/mobile buildings) temporary lighting towers, Wi-Fi networks and bowsers full of water. The sites also require regular servicing.

Looking closer

The main equipment draw was site cabins. Which had already hit a colossal demand, as the construction industry, having avoided work restrictions kept working throughout the pandemic. By implementing social distancing and by doubling up on welfare cabin/unit use. This was indeed a busy time for the welfare unit industry. With manufacturers and hire providers finding provision increasingly difficult to meet the phenomenal demand. 

With demand increasing to unprecedented levels, Premier’s first choice of supplier to bolster welfare unit capacity – had themselves met operating capacity and could not support them. Conversely as this  Equipment Hire Case Study from PAL Hire explains, Premier Modular could overcome this. 

The Action

It was this stage when Premier Modular made a quick enquiry with PAL Hire. PAL Hire has extensive experience of providing multiple types of equipment to multiple locations. Simply put, PAL Hire has a flexible, capable and unrivalled supply network.


  • PAL Hire immediately set to source the required welfare units from their extensive UK wide Network.

  • Took care of coordinated multi drop hire equipment deliveries

  • Put in place safeguards to ensure continuous supply and support

“Premier Modular initially came to us with a need for three, thirty-two-foot welfare units, a gatehouse and a 10-foot store and then it spiralled from there” explained Sam Jamieson PAL Hire Account Manager explained.

The Results

From initial enquiry to adoption and support of up to 15 sites. PAL Hire implemented the supply, logistics and ongoing support of multiple items of equipment. In locations all over the UK.

“…before we knew it, we were providing complete site setups and servicing – for about fifteen sites” Sam Jamieson concluded.


  4. Premier Modular Ltd


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