Case study: National Mobilisation of Essential Equipment for Tesco – Apr 2020

3 April 2020

The Problem

PAL Hire Ltd, were approached by to provide Essential Equipment for Tesco , to deliver essential equipment to all of their 920 sites as quickly as possible. This gave us another opportunity to fulfil a national order using a variety of supplier partners, thus delivering the best service possible.

The Solution

Within 2 days we had began a multiple supplier mobilisation of equipment and we were able to liaise directly with each store manager, to confirm the finite points of delivery.

Within 96 hours we had completed delivery to 483 stores (bearing in mind there was a weekend involved) and final completion of the initial phase of roll out of essential equipment had concluded this week.

The speed and agility of our support team and fastidious account management headed up by our Head of Account Management Kyle Davidson. Our ability to fulfil complex national orders was also supported our finance and operations teams – who ensured our processes remained robust so as to exceed the retailer’s expectations of service levels, continuity and transparency.

The Results

  • 920 sites across the whole UK –
  • 113 (12%) delivered within 48 hours
  • 483 delivered within 96 hours (52% – the 96 includes a weekend though so would be 72 hours from point of order if using working days)

PAL Hire Ltd is now on another major retailer’s supplier list and we have and additional 138 orders from the retailer to go on top of the 920 completed.

For details on how PAL Hire can support your company – (regardless of the environmental circumstances) contact Kyle and our team.

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