Christmas On-Site

Christmas On-Site

20 November 2018

Christmas on-site can be a joyous occasion. It can also be tough and torrid. There are two schools of thought when it comes to opening a site. Some sites will close for a few days, whereas others will stay closed for over a week and work will recommence in the New Year.

The main reason for sites to be closed are the poor weather and difficulties with the delivery and collection of equipment – as a side-note, PAL Hire’s off-hire date is 7th December.

A few things need to be done before a site is closed over Christmas to ensure there is no untoward damage caused by the public:

  • Lock fences and gates.
  • Secure machinery.
  • Equip staff.

A seemingly abandoned building site is the perfect playground for kids and adults alike. For this reason, it is essential you check fences and entrance gates to ensure no one can enter. It must be total lockdown.

Secured fences and locked gates not only provide your building site protection, but it also protects any machinery kept out in the cold. We’ve previously mentioned how you should protect your plant and equipment in the cold – a storage container will also increase site security.

Total lockdown ensures teens cannot cause £40,000 worth of damage, as they did to this construction site. After reading that link, it would be advisable to check your gates and fences. If they’re not up to scratch or you believe you may need additional reinforcements, speak to our consultants.

We don’t live in a perfect world. Even if a project stops over Christmas, personnel may be required to man the site. The presence of a security guard will assist in deterring vandals from building sites. If you decide to have security guards on-site. We recommend providing them with outdoor heating or a generator capable of powering heaters.

The second school of thought is labourers only have Christmas Day and Boxing Day off and go back to work on the 27th. They would have celebrated Christmas Day with their families and begrudgingly go back to work. As their employee you need to make sure the festivities continue on-site, whilst ensuring minds remain on task.

The easiest way to keep your workers happy is to keep them warm. A warm worker is a happy worker. PAL Hire offers a range of heating solutions designed to work indoors and outdoors. With the Christmas period expected to be as cold as last year, labourers will appreciate areas of warmth.

Whichever school of thought you decide on, PAL Hire will provide every piece of equipment to protect your site.