Commercial Skips and Permits

Commercial Skips and Permits

6 March 2019

For reliable commercial skip hire throughout the UK, look no further than PAL Hire. Our team of specialists provide a huge range of commercial skips and ROROs, helping you every step of the way from choosing the right skip to match your project size, applying for a permit with the local council, scheduling delivery and collection to suit your requirements, and removing and recycling your waste at the end of a project.

The majority of commercial skips are sized between 8-16 yards, and are ideal for construction projects, demolitions, premises refits and renovations, and recycling business waste.

Commercial Skips

Key Features:

  • Skips range between 8 and 16 yards.
  • All skips can be filled with a large amount of bulky waste.
  • Enclosed skips available for easy access.

Our commercial skips are the perfect solution for major projects on building or construction sites, where there is a large amount of waste removal required. Due to the size of the skips and the nature in which they’re used, they would normally be placed on private land as opposed to a road or pavement.

By hiring a skip from PAL Hire, you are also doing your bit for the environment. We are confident that all our waste is either recycled or disposed of in a safe and responsible way. We’re able to dispose or recycle several materials that would likely end up in landfill.

Remember not to overload your skip. We are unable to collect overloaded skips as they can damage lifting machinery and are dangerous to transport.


Key Features:

  • ROROs range between 20 and 40 yards.
  • Can transport building waste, metals, wood, plastic, and green waste.
  • Best solution for projects where high volumes of waste are produced.

ROROs are the go-to product for waste projects as they’re larger in size and capacity then ordinary commercial skips. Majority of the ROROs you can hire from PAL Hire have tipper doors, allowing you to unload without needing additional lifting gear.

If your project involves heavy materials then a RORO is your ideal solution; however, if you need to dispose of asbestos or other hazardous waste, you may need an enclosed RORO. Speak to our specialists for more information – they’re on the other end of the phone at all times.

Skip Permits

Every skip placed on a pavement or road must be licensed and have a valid skip permit. Skip permits are obtained from your local council. As part of the PAL Hire service, we can speak to the council on your behalf.

If your skip is to be placed on private land for the entirety of the project, then it will not require a permit. Before ringing our team, it would be advisable that you know the location of the skip as the council can hand out on the spot fines to both the client and the company hiring the skip.

Please note, the larger the skip dimensions, the more restrictions a council may have regarding its placement; for advice on the matter, speak to PAL Hire’s experts.

Depending on the placement of a skip, councils may grant a license with set restrictions. These can include:

  • Reflective markings to be placed on the skip.
  • Traffic cones placed around the skip.
  • Night-time safety lamps to make it easier to see.

Fines of up to £1,000 can be handed out if these restrictions are not followed. As PAL Hire can obtain the licence on your behalf, we will inform you of any restrictions.

The number of permits you require will also depend on the number of skips to be used for the job. If you require a skip for different types of material, such as metals, plastics, and green waste, then you will require the same number of permits. For example, if you have three skips, you need three permits. Each permit will have a dedicated timeframe, set by the council, and must be removed before the expiration of the permit.

If you’re moving business premises or embarking on a large-scale construction project and are looking for an environmentally friendly solution to disposing of your waste, PAL Hire is your go-to company for large commercial skips.