Commercial Waste - Are You Breaking the Law?

Commercial Waste – Are You Breaking the Law?

28 May 2019

The law is acting against those unlawfully disposing of waste. In the last week, more than 60 sites across Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire received unannounced visits from the Environment Agency and HMRC officers as they began a crackdown on suspected waste crime. The joint action was a follow up on reports of the illegal burning of commercial waste.

The HMRC is working alongside the Environment Agency to help waste site operators understand how they can comply with tax obligations when it comes to operating a waste site; however, the main reason for action is to stop waste criminals putting communities and the environment at risk.

Both agencies had a stark warning for any person or business disposing of material unlawfully, with penalties including paying a fine of up to 100% of the Landfill Tax and facing criminal prosecution.

Don’t Risk It – Use PAL Hire

The law around the disposal of commercial waste is well-known, yet not everyone has followed it to the letter. Now that the law has shown its face, almost putting the fear factor into people, we think you should be aware of the commercial waste services offered by PAL Hire.

For general commercial waste that arises due to day-to-day tasks at construction sites, we offer a range of ROROs from 15 to 40 yards. These ROROs have the capacity to clear construction sites or transport waste from multiple waste areas.

The majority of our ROROs can be delivered on-site within 24 hours, subject to availability, terms, and geographical location. Speak to our team today and we will do our upmost to get you a RORO tomorrow.

Specialist Waste Collection Service

We offer our clients the option to recycle their waste responsibly. When using PAL Hire for their specialist waste collections, they’re safe in the knowledge they’re trusting an ISO 9001 accredited company that only utilises licensed waste solutions. You can be safe in that knowledge too when you use PAL Hire.

Hazardous waste collections require specialist expertise. Each project is unique, and we provide a bespoke collection solution matching your exact requirements.

These materials cannot be placed in a standard skip or RORO and must be deposed of safely to ensure you do not feel the wrath of the Environment Agency and HMRC.

Range of Materials where Specialist Waste Collections are Needed

Asbestos Batteries Biological Waste Computer Monitors
Corrosive Liquid Diesel Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Explosives
Fire Extinguishers Fluorescent Tubes Fridges Gas Cylinders/ Aerosols
Hazardous or Harmful Materials Laboratory Waste Lightbulbs Liquids
Mattresses Medical Waste Oils Paint and Paint Tins
Pesticides Petrol Plasterboard Solvents
TVs Tyres

If you’re looking to dispose of one of these materials and are unsure whether your current policy complies with the law on commercial waste, speak to our team today. The later you hold off, the more likely it could be you’re breaking the law without even knowing it.