Company Delivers a Cost of Living Staff Bonus

15 December 2022

Hazel Grove business PAL Hire – goes the extra mile for its team and rewards them with a cost-of-living staff bonus this Christmas. PAL Hire is a company that thrives on looking after its team. With regular treats, perks and bonuses punctuating the working year.

But this year the annual bonus has been upgraded. With the team receiving 5% of their salary capped at a whopping £750 in a bid to help the team counter the cost-of-living crisis. In true fashion for this company it delivered a Cost-of-Living Staff Bonus for its staff team.

“It is important that we look after our team. And we are very conscious this year of the additional financial burdens from both inflation. The energy price increments, that are currently impacting everyone on top of their usual festive expenses.”

Sam Snelson – Director

The move comes as the economy and interest rates are at an all-time high. Making life difficult for employees and businesses alike.

“We have been inundated with thanks from the team. It is really great and humbling, to be able to help them at this difficult time. The Cost-of-Living Staff Bonus is just another action where demonstrate how important the team are to the business.”

Sam Snelson – Director

PAL Hire is a nationwide supplier of equipment and services to the construction sector. Having the UK’s Largest Network of Equipment Hire Depots means PAL Hire is equipped to deal with the needs of businesses with small or large sites. Often hiring out multiple items of equipment and taking care of all the logistics. Saving administration time and interruption to projects. Also, our customers do not have to worry about calling multiple suppliers. Our team does it for them.

The company provides services for companies all over the UK. By supplying hired in equipment for construction. This includes portable toilets, welfare units, fencing and larger construction machines. Such as Excavators and Dumpers.

For more information on PAL Hire or to contact the team email or David Kitchenham on 07858389568

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