What were they thinking?

We have trawled the front page of the internet (Reddit) to find some of the most mind-boggling building and construction oddities. We are glad there are stringent building regulations in the UK, meaning that not many of this batch of builders’ bloopers and HSE defying moments in time are from the UK. But can you spot the British ones?

That’s the spirit

The internet is littered with video of master craftsmen like this chap. Not how he carefully sculpts the mortar to ensure that he delivers the finest product. Quality block work like this is exactly what we need on building sites.

There’s mortar this than meets the eye

Skills like this are important if you are on the tools. Timed served craftsmen like know how to point the job afterwards, to ensure the longevity of the block wall. Naturally where the block wall must traverse uneven ground. It is always wise to ensure footings take care of the change in incline. Or if the wall changes direction, it is always good to tie different elevations for structural integrity.

Gravity is Important in Construction

Working at heights with HVAC it is always best practice to have your moving and handling of equipment in the bag. Know your stuff, like using the right methos and process for getting aircon equipment up to the next level. A bit like the skills depicted in the next video. Another level of idiocy.

Stairway to…

Professional builders working on construction sites around the world are known for following the architects drawings to the closest degree. Every detail of a build from the footings to the topping out need to be meticulously finished. Check out the next image and see if you can work out what the professional crew of numpties in Serbia have accomplished?

Who screwed who?

Multi skilled teams work on construction sites. Everyone working together in concert to ensure that the finest quality construction is completed. At PAL Hire we love finding examples of this quality work. See how the carpenters on this project made room for the roofers to carefully insert their screws without affecting their precious wood. Stunning collaboration right there.

Billy Big Balls

Billy Big Balls…we enter the UK for this next one. As the video clearly displays. NO, there are no limits to the ingenuity and strength of the British worker. If you’re going to get a job done, then you are going to have to bend the rules a bit right? In this instance the only thing that are probably bending are this guy’s clavicle and he may well feel this in the morning. On a serious note, should you consider this sort of thing – don’t, it is dangerous.

Hold on to your tools

Sometimes on a construction site you have to improvise adapt and overcome. Whatever the challenges is on site, you need to find a way of fixing it. Like our Serbian friends earlier, sometimes you need to make a minor adjustment to where things go…like stairs. Pro tip: always hold on to your tools.

Plumber did a proper job

We get it, you are a superstar plumber first fix was a doddle and now it is time to follow up by putting in the porcelain. The final touches to let the homeowner know you are the crem de la crème of trades. Were you in a rush?

We think it is the making of an arch

It is difficult to tie these videos together. One sort of leads to the other, or in the case of the next video, ties are the problem…or rather the lack of them. Although the professional builders in this instance would claim that this is creative brickwork perhaps of a beautiful arch?

But I am wearing a Hard Hat!

Health and Safety is important to us. Unless you are one of these highly trained professional construction workers depicted in this content, we would advise relying on your extensive training to ensure you are safe on site. That is why we have competency cards and fastidious training for our construction workers. Unlike this chappie who appears to be taking a risk or two, he may not be working at great height and at least he is wearing what appears to be a hard hat?

Evolved Construction Worker

We have touched upon the construction workers ingenuity before. Since the dawn of time humans have overcome their environments to form complex cultures and build vast cities. This does not come without calculated risks. Move on there is nothing to see here.

On second thoughts not much evolution

On second thoughts humans are fallible, they come up with ideas all the time. Sometimes the idea passes the deep part of the humans brain and becomes and action. Often if critical thought is not high in the human’s development, those actions turn into something a little more entertaining – nope!

Looks Legit…what do you think?

We double checked this to ensure this JCB Backhoe is not being used on British roads. At first glance it looks like an innocent transfer of a JCB from one side of the building site to another. All nice and safe, nothing to worry about. No insecure loads, or bowsers attached to a bucket with what appears to be twine – honest.

Trench Boxes are Important

Moles, delightful creatures that are used to tunnelling and tearing up your lawn. There is nothing better than a vista of the English countryside, first thing in the morning looking over a misty golf course with little mounds of dirt depicting the entrances to the moles tunnels. But moles these next professional construction workers are not. If that trench were to collapse…this is why we supply trench boxes to shore up the trench and make it safe to use.

Working at Height Safely

Man has conquered everything from mountains, the deepest oceans, and the frozen poles. We have even put a man on the moon. There literally are no limits to what we can achieve if we put our minds to it. As we overcome these challenges, we also collect knowledge that makes the next challenge easier and often safer to overcome. This evolution of humanity helps keep you and I safe as we carry out our jobs. Knowledge of safety is universal and coupled with common sense is free to all…unless you are called Raoul or Phillipe and have just started up your own tall brick chimney rendering business.

Precision in Construction

On the construction site, precision is everything. Architects know that finite details are what makes the final project spot on. This attention to detail flows down to the trades. Not how this electrician meticulously uses a variety of 2×4 shims get the exact angle for working at heights on these stairs. Observe how they are professionally balanced on the flimsy single legged bar table for extra peace of mind. Classic!

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure twice cut once. That is the carpenters mantra, helps keep wastage to minimum and keeps the project on track as they do not have to keep rectifying problems on the construction site. This one look suspiciously British but this general builder has clearly measured where he is going to cut the wall and has cut once. He is such a seasoned professional builder he has opted out from PPE and something else…we cannot put our finger on it? Nice hired in 3 ton excavator though.

All the Safety Under the Sun

47 times around the sun. That is the average amount of time a construction worker will spend working on building sites, in most cases that solar journey is quite a safe one. Then your average common sense capable construction workers will retire at 67 complete with all limbs and digits intact. That is if they have stuck to health and safety (OSHA) approved methods of installing solar panels.

Check out this lad..er

All of the flags and this careful configuration of working at height access arrangement, leads us to know this person better have really good medical insurance. Or they will have to ‘Shell’ out quite a bit when gravity come to call.

Del Boy and Rodney would have done better

A quick glance at the next title and this article appears to turn dark very quickly. When really is about a child passing a critical eye over their elderly parents ability to make minor changes to their home. Looks safe to me, what do you think?

This chap is a bright spark

Electricity one of those element type things with the ability to cause pain on levels never known by the human before. Construction a series of processes which conclude with places where humans can safely use electricity. Plant, mechanical equipment used in processes to enable construction so that people can use electricity safely. Mixing this stuff up before one is competently ready for the other is where mistakes could happen.

Bonus Content: We’ve been like this for years!

Bonus content – here we are thinking that humans have only recently been the masters of making poorly informed choices when it comes to working at heights or in construction. Nope, for a millennia man has been making the same old mistakes albeit with varying degrees of success (or failure). Here we have a bunch of construction chappies back in 1929 building the iconic Chrysler Building in New York. If you are quick, you can make out one of the eight art deco eagles heads that adorn the high-rise before it tapers into the penthouse section of the building.

Who’s got your back?

Building at heights does not come without any risks and the Chrysler Building was no exception. It is reported that five construction workers died while the Chrysler building was being built. Working at heights like that requires nerves of steel and sometimes a good bunch of buddies to help out should you slip up.

Bobby Big Balls – how did he get up there?

Working at heights you need to make sure you have the right kit. Always ensure you have enough scaffolding and towers to reach your objective. The right equipment and the right level of PPE will ensure you are safe. Unlike Bobby (Billy’s brother) Big Balls who firstly look like he is from the UK and two appears to have skimped on the hiring of ladders…how did he get up there?

Reach for the Stars

Accidents on site happen, horseplay makes accidents happen quicker. Explosives and horseplay make wheelbarrows reach for the stars. These men are commendable for their level of stupidity and better hope their boss doesn’t use the internet.

Evolution is passing you by

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is necessary for you to operate with a modicum of protection on the construction site. PPE alone does not mean you are safe though. PPE needs to be used in conjunction with common sense. Back when you were a baby you would have started your journey on this earth learning that you should not stick your fingers in that or eat the poisonous mushrooms. All of this acquired knowledge helps support your human superpower of the flight or fight instinct. You are gifted, you have learned to survive, don’t cheat evolution, or succumb to Darwinism, don’t go testing your trousers to see if they will resist the chain saw.

…and finally

Finally – what would the construction site be without some good old-fashioned goofing about?

How to Hire Equipment?

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