Deal of the Week from PAL Hire

30 June 2022

Just because you can access the UK’s Largest Network of Equipment Hire Depots. Does not mean that you can not benefit from great deals.

Every week our team makes a note of what is going to make hiring equipment even sweeter from PAL Hire. We then can offer you the best deals possible on important equipment you use.

We are keen to ensure that we offer the highest quality equipment hire services possible. Regardless as to how busy you are. Our team can support you and your company. Be it a single site project or you have multiple sites on the go at the same time, with multiple items of equipment. It does not matter we will source, deliver, and collect your hire equipment.

PAL Hire Deal of the Week is designed to support your busy project lifecycle, by offering access to amazing products that are at deal rates to suit your project.

  • We do not run out of equipment, because we have a network of 1,000 depots
  • If something breaks – we just get a replacement from the next in line in our network of depots
  • A simple and easy to use equipment hire service for all your site locations

Make sure you keep coming back to see what deals we have for you. See what deals you missed and potentially what is coming up. You never know the PAL Hire Deal of the Week may just drop kit or a service which will make your next project even better.

What sort of Deals Can I Get from PAL Hire?

Our Deal of the Week is designed to support your project. Regardless of if you have a single site project or a multiple site project – there is a PAL Hire Deal of the week for you.

Whether you are hiring equipment for a small or a large construction site, in multiples in terms of location or products, we stand by our deals. Sometimes there are limitations in terms of equipment levels but speak to our friendly team and get the right equipment hire deal for your company.

Deals of the Week from PAL Hire have Included


SKYJACK Scissor lift from £87.50 per week. This is a popular scissor lift. Designed to be used inside and being battery powered it is ideal for retail, shop fitting, electric and HVAC installation. If you missed our special deal on the hire of this scissor lift. Call our team up and see if we can find a similar deal for you?

Effluent Empties – a popular and essential site service. Effluent Emptying services can be expensive. This deal of the week is designed to support your construction site and meet the essential demand of a modern building site. Effluent Emptying service starts at £90 and is available UK Wide.

Water Fills from £75.00 for 1,000L. Regardless as to what your project is. If you are off grid and essential services are not in yet. Then you are going to need a temporary water supply. Welfare units, portable toilets and mixing aggregate all need water. Regardless as to where you need this Deal of the Week, we can deliver water and fill up your bowsers and IBCs. If you do not have water bowsers in place or suitable IBCs to store and act as a supply for your water. Then we can hire water bowsers for you.

Make the most of our Deals of the week and get in touch with our team to book yours in.