Delivery and Haulage

Delivery and Haulage

4 July 2018

When hiring plant, construction projects can sometimes go smoothly with no problems and other times there are a few delays. One of the biggest causes of delays are haulage and delivery issues as you’re in the hands of transport deities. One of PAL Hire’s main purposes as an entity is to resolve problems and we have created a team of individuals whose sole purpose in life is to eradicate delivery and haulage issues.

There are several reasons as to why PAL Hire is an award-winning company: outstanding product offering, excellent product knowledge, and an ethos of wanting to go above and beyond for every client. If you put these reasons under a microscope and examine every minute detail, the grouping factor is customer service.

PAL Hire’s customer service team are second to none. The dedication they put into every second of the working day is commendable and it’s all because they want you to have a successful experience with PAL Hire and ensure your project has no hiccups.

In a recently completed project for a first-time client, one of our Senior Account Manager’s ensured the client did not wait around all day for a delivery driver to arrive and provided her with a two-hour window for delivery. The driver arrived on time and the member of staff was praised for their prompt response and excellent service level. Another happy client who rightly put their trust into our team and we delivered beyond their expectations.

Important factors to consider

At PAL Hire, we give you answers to questions before you’ve even thought of the question, and we also give you answers to questions you may not have considered. Considerations include size of the site, access to the site, whether the site is water logged, the number of entrances, or whether a phased delivery is required.

A general construction site would have several manned entrances, which would allow for the delivery of several pieces of equipment at the same time. If a rota or delivery sheet needs to be created, our team can assist you with this to pass onto your workers on-site to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. PAL Hire aim to reduce the stress associated with admin work in construction projects and can help no matter how unique your request.

We’re aware one-off events may not have multiple entrances and the equipment needs to be delivered in a logical order and not at the same time or carnage may ensue. If you require a phased delivery, this is something the team can manage and control, so you can concentrate on the providing the best event for event goers. If this is something you require, mention it to the team and one of our Account Managers will be in contact once your order is completed.

The type of transport used to deliver your hired plant will also vary depending on the plant you require. If you have hired powered access or boom lifts, these will be transported on a HGV which, due to their considerable size, require a large entrance and space to manoeuvre.

PAL Hire provides you with a time of delivery

The team ensures the plant will be transported the day your project is due to start and endeavours to either call, text, or email you the night before or the morning of the delivery, depending on when the plant will be delivered.

We’ll obtain this time of delivery from one of our trusted suppliers throughout the UK and pass this information onto you, keeping you in the loop, and building a stronger relationship between you and PAL Hire.

There is one main advantage which stands head and shoulders above all as to why we do this – if we provide you with an expected delivery time, you can allocate your resources accordingly to ensure you’re not losing money whilst waiting for delivery.

PAL Hire understands the rigidness of a project plan and the business model of our clients to provide the best possible service at the most competitive prices across the UK.

Whether you need a skip, a toilet, access platforms, or tools, PAL Hire is the one-stop-shop to fulfil all your hiring needs and you’re only a quick call away from speaking to us. When you speak to PAL Hire on 0844 288 7265, you can discuss your delivery and haulage options with the team.