Did you Underestimate the North? 3

Did you Underestimate the North?

3 October 2019

Never Underestimate the North. We have already charted how important portable toilets are on building sites. Everyone understands that where there is a professional construction team – they need welfare. Due to the efforts of our supply chain we can offer free delivery over 21,136 km2 of the North West. We literally have the Norther Powerhouse covered. OK, so we have not managed to stretch to Hull or Newcastle. With nearly 10% of the country covered with this free delivery on site toilets; this is a start.

Don’t get us wrong. We deliver all our hire products all over the UK, at the proverbial drop of a hat. But this is a little something we have managed to arrange for our friends in the north. That said there is always a deal to be had regardless of your location in the country. Making your hire of equipment personal for you and your business; is key to ensuring the best quality service we are dedicated to that.

We are more than a province

With all the consternation going on over Europe and the UK, we have felt a bit left out up here in the northern provinces. But if you think things have gone back to be all ‘flat capped’, ‘fetch my whippet’ and ‘grim up here in the north’. You could not be further from the truth, and there are a few things we would like to point out. This is the North, this is where industrial revolutions started, finished and we recovered. This is where we discovered how to be British and where the engine room of the political south grew; powering a nation and where we dominated in the 1800’s. *heaves chest with pride*

The North of the UK is a melee of tech start-ups and aerospace pioneering firms. Drone technology and chemistry firsts. Not to mention a bustling scientific and nuclear industry, we still have strong light industry and an unbridled capability. And guess what? beyond the north, there is an even more northern north. Where they look down on us in your north and call us the south – but we remain the north and positive about the outcome we can forge for the future. Regardless what goes on elsewhere, we (The North) are just getting on with it. A work ethic that has remained unchained from and era gone by. Tenacity is in our DNA, getting stuff done is in our blood…this is the north. As an illustration, read on and see what we mean…

Is there really a Northern Powerhouse?

Picture depicting Construction Cranes over Sheffield
Cranes over Sheffield

Regardless of how unsettled things are in the UK. There is a boom of building going ahead across the north. You only have to look up from the Cheshire Plain, down from Werneth Low and Winter Hill; on any given evening. You’ll see Greater Manchester, the third largest conurbation in United Kingdom, festooned with the tell-tale red marker lamps that adorn the tops of the construction cranes across the city.

This is a story which is being replicated across the north west region. With the Likes of Liverpool having £14bn worth of development schemes in the pipeline (1: Liverpool Driving Change). Cross over the Pennines and you encounter post industrial Sheffield with multiple development projects planned. Sheffield is a cultural and educational heart-bed – you think Manchester is tough?. Sheffield is a tougher northern stronghold, where people do not take no for an answer. Additionally truly there is nothing that can hold them back. Once they have set their hearts on something it will be done.

Across the Pennines don’t Underestimate the North

There are projects afoot in Sheffield. Some of which are mature and due to be complete in 2020. But you do not have to look far across the Sheffield Skyline to see similar sights to Manchester. Cranes depicting construction, regeneration and progress (2: Sheffield a City of Rejuvenation). South Yorkshire is in a whirlpool of development and there is an air of confidence across the region which is resulting with regeneration plans far into the 2020’s (3: South Yorkshire Development) (4 Sheffield Heart of the City 2 ).

These are just three examples of how despite national uncertainty. Across the north west region; investment is there to support the growth of a high percentage of the Norther Powerhouse. Regardless of what has been promised by successive politicians, regardless as to who is at the helm of the respective local authorities. Above all the northern spirit, the spirit of the average northerner, their grit: is driving building projects small and large across the region.

Typical Infrastructure

Investment in infrastructure delivers returns to the economy and it has done so time and time again. The Great Yorkshire Way; a link road between the M18 and Doncaster Sheffield Airport, created 1,200 jobs and unlocked £1.8 bn in additional investment in the local economy. Those jobs alone are worth the investment (5: Invest in the North to Survive Brexit). It seems taking a chance on the North is a safe bet. We all know that investment in property is a safe investment. If supported by organic and controlled spend on infrastructure can help any region, if not the country through any chaotic epoch. These are examples of the new Northern Powerhouse, it exists and is alive and strong.

These are exciting times for the UK –   it’s OK, we got this.

Love the North

Video Manchester’s Future Skyline (2025) – A rendering of Manchester’s Future Skyline based on tall buildings with planning approval. Beetham Tower will be dwarfed.

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