Different Types of Skips

Different Types of Skips

11 September 2018

When I was first asked if I wanted to hire a skip, thousands of questions raced through my mind, such as whether I needed one and what types of skips were available. There are far too many options from which to choose, even if you operate within the construction industry.

The different types of skips are almost mind numbing if you don’t know exactly what you need. This is where PAL Hire helps all our clients. We’ll find the exact skip for your requirements and give you all the information needed to ensure it is the best choice.

Generic Advice for all Types of Skips

  • Mixed loads should be level with the top of the skip for netting purposes to prevent spillage during loading or transportation.
  • If loading inert or heavy waste, loads should be spread evenly across the internal area of the skip or filled level with the sides of the skip, reducing the chance of overloading.

PAL Hire provides varying types of skips, all of which have a specific function and can be used for a specific type of project, whether it be for domestic or industrial purposes.

Domestic Skip

2 – 4 Yard:

  • Ideal when a low volume of waste is anticipated.
  • Compact skips are suitable for small household jobs, such as renovating a bathroom.
  • Capacity to hold between 25 and 55 bin bags and are perfect for small-scale jobs where costs are kept to a minimum.

Industrial Skip

6 – 14 Yard:

  • Suitable for both domestic and business use, all these types of skips are used by builders for building, refurbishment, and shopfitting projects.
  • Most commonly used for general industrial and light waste.
  • Capacity to hold between 60 and 120 bin bags.

15 – 20 RORO Skips:

  • Perfect for major projects on industrial sites where waste must be removed as quickly as possible to avoid workplace hazards.
  • Must be housed on private land, rather than on a road or on a pavement.
  • Not suitable for rubble or soil.

20+ Yard RORO Skips:

  • Majority of these have a maximum payload of between 13t and 16t – for specifics, speak to our team on 0844 288 7265.
  • Can be used for inert or heavy waste use to their cubic capacity.

The beauty of using PAL Hire for your skip hiring option is we can ascertain the exact type of skip you require by simply asking you a few questions, including what the skip will be used for, where it needs to be placed, and for how long you intend to hire a skip. Remember, we will also provide you with delivery and haulage options as part of the package.

Speak to our team if you need to hire a skip today!