Introduction to PAL Hire’s Eco-Friendly Solutions

PAL Hire is committed to supplying green energy solutions throughout the UK. We understand the changing nature of the construction industry and the pressure companies are under to reduce their impact on the environment.

Corporate and social responsibility is high on the agenda when it comes to tendering for new projects. End-clients do not want to be associated with projects that have a high carbon footprint.

At PAL Hire, we offer solutions designed to:

  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Lower noise levels in built up areas.
  • Cut air pollution.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Reduce time spent completing maintenance tasks.

Our eco-friendly range includes generators, welfare units, powered access, and plant and machinery, all of which can be delivered to projects across the UK.

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Generators Designed to Reduce Load and Save Costs

On-site generators run day and night. In the day, they power welfare units, outdoor heating, and electrical tools. During the night, they’re used for CCTV or perimeter lighting. It would be wasteful to use large generators to support small overnight loads. This is why you need to use PAL Hire’s range of completely silent, solar generators.

Powerful, intelligent, and flexible hybrid generators are designed for a wide range of temporary power applications. Units are proven to save users thousands of litres of fuel and provide fuel-free and fume-free delivery.

Hybrid generators are Ideal for use noise sensitive areas or where regular access is limited and a reduced run-time will also deliver fuel, noise, carbon, and NOx savings.

Ultra-Efficient Welfare Units

Our range of mobile welfare units are an ideal solution when working on a remote site with no electricity, water or drainage systems. Our nationwide availability ensures we can supply welfare facilities whatever your specific requirements.

Site welfare facilities can provide space for up to 16 operatives, and are fitted with seating, tables, and separate toilet facilities, including a wash hand basin as standard. Units can be easily towed, can be ready to use within minutes, and are designed with anti-vandal mechanisms.

The unique nature of our welfare units ensures they are equipped with solar panels and a backup generator for the unpredictable British weather.

Mobile welfare units are designed to be economical, efficient and easy to use. Hybrid power management systems and battery storage comes as standard to maximise fuel economy.

Moving towards Electric Access Platforms

PAL Hire’s commitment to green energy solutions ensures we have a variety of eco-friendly options if you need powered access, both indoor and outdoor. The majority of diesel models offered by PAL Hire also have an electric model capable of reaching similar heights.

Electric models of powered access greatly reduce your carbon footprint, as well as saving thousands of pounds in fuel costs.

Plant and Machinery Reduce CO2 Emissions

Majority of our plant supplied on-site are designed to meet current exhaust emission regulations. In large scale projects, a few environmentally friendly products could have a massive impact on its carbon footprint and enhance your corporate and social responsibility.

Machinery is designed around eco-friendly engines and boast a fantastically low fuel consumption, saving you money.

PAL Hire’s Environmental Policies

As a leading company within the equipment hire industry, we understand the need for environmental awareness and sustainability.

We continually work to improve our environmental management, supply our clients with the very best green energy products, and reduce our carbon footprint.

List of Eco-Friendly Products provided by PAL Hire

  1. Plant
  2. Power
  3. Powered Access
  4. Eco Lighting
  5. Green Welfare
  6. Solar Power Equipment
  7. Pumps
  8. Eco Toilets
  9. Specialist Waste Management
  10. Bio Fuels

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