Economical Waste Solutions - Skip, Bag or Van

Economical Waste Solutions – Skip, Bag or Van

9 March 2018

Sometimes a hefty chunk of metal sat on your drive, on the road or on site is just not practical enough. You could be in an area where practical skip use for the removal of waste is just not feasible? This could be due to local authority or pure traffic flow issues, or just that access is not that easy – sometimes a skip is not the answer for your waste issue, and other waste solutions are available.

The good news is there are a host of alternatives to the traditional skip, all of which can save you time, money and be extremely convenient. Yes, you can save time and money and not have to hire a skip. This is even more useful in London where skip hire is a challenge. The great news is we have a full range of waste solutions, with excellent UK wide coverage to suit your needs and budget.


We all know about skips, the ugly yet functional metal tubs with chipped paint overflowing with bricks, rubble, bin bags, and old bikes, perhaps a sink and other spoils of waste which are no longer needed and that are required to be taken away. They sit on the road in the suburbia, marking where the house prices are rising because the residents can afford to make their homes bigger. Yet often they are more of a pain than a help.

Hiring a skip can be cost prohibitive, you can offend your neighbours in the street, you can over fill them, you can leave them over a period of time to come back and discover someone else has deposited their flotsam and jetsam in the skip you begrudgingly hired – after all no one ever wakes up in the morning actually wanting to hire a skip.

“I’d love to hire a skip, I know let’s rip out the garden and fill one”

Hiring a skip is a distressed action following on from you having a clear-out, building work or renovation in your office or at home. No one wants to hire a skip ever. So why not make the whole process of waste disposal easy?

There is always the skip

Yes, you can hire a skip to get rid of your waste, we specialise in this and have sites all over the UK to ensure your hire is as inexpensive as possible. If you are keeping your skip on the road then you will need to obtain a permit – we will do this for you and then you are good to go. Obvisouly skips come in numerous sizes from 2 yard (mini skips), 4 yard, 6 yard, 8 yard and up to 14 yard for really big waste issues. Then you start getting into commercial waste territory which we are specialists at catering for all types of business.

Then there’s the Skip Bag

We have recently introduced a new service, skip bags are available from PAL Hire. Skip bags are literally a softer option to skips. They are flexible and cost a lot less than a standard skip. The key here is to consider what you are looking to get rid of? Skipbags still require a permit if you intend on placing them on the public highway.

Our skip bags come in 3 sizes:

These are revolutionary big yellow bags ready to lift your waste woes and not dent your purse strings so much as a traditional skip.

Hire to clear services

The other alternative to skip hire is for you consider a here to clear van collection service. Ultimately this is the best service for ease of use and if you need a hand then our team will arrive in a suitable vehicle and remove the waste as you need.

A typical standard service up to 14 yards or 1 Tonne starts as low as £325 + VAT“hang on!” I hear you say, that could be considerably more than a standard skip! Well not really – if you consider you are going to get your waste taken away* by a couple of burly operatives. They will load up and be gone in a matter of no time! (Obviously it will take some time!) Access will not be an issue; no skip permits to worry about and often the job is done, and you have only just put the phone down.

With 90% or thereabout coverage in over the UK – including the whole of London and the South East, this solution must be for you to consider. Want to have your waste collected at the weekend? Anything is possible. The great news that our bag and van services divert 98% of waste from landfill. So not are they good on your pocket and watch, your environmental conscience is clear too!

It does not matter what rubbish you need to dispose of, we have the most cost effective and easiest solution for you. Call our team on 0844 288 7265

*ask for price confirmation – some services cost more based on what is being collected – check for coverage.