End of the Year - Time to Take Stock

End of the Year – Time to Take Stock

6 December 2018

We’ve all heard the saying, “New Year, New Me.” At PAL Hire, we paraphrase this saying; “New Year, New Supplier?”

At the end of a long, arduous year, best practice dictates you review your supplier base, trim the deadwood, those that let you down on vital occasions, and add new suppliers to complement your preferred options.

You may have a supplier for every product, but do you have one for every scenario?

PAL Hire is that every scenario supplier, whether it be two months in advance, two weeks in advance, or with two days’ notice. We’re situated in a market that others find it hard to compete; the market where if you’re in dire need of equipment and have been let down, we’ll find you the equipment and get it delivered on-site.

One success story we witnessed earlier this year was for an emergency toilet on a construction site for the day. The call was received early morning. The toilet was delivered late morning. The toilet was collected late evening. All requirements and needs met in less than 12 hours.

If you’re in search of new suppliers, give our consultants a ring and let them show you why PAL Hire is the best choice you’ll make in 2019. Staying ahead of the game is our forte.

We’ll be able to provide multiple items across multiple sites; whatever you need, whenever and wherever you need it, we can manoeuvre our resources to make sure you get the equipment suited to your requirements.

Not only should you take stock of the suppliers you utilise, but you should take stock of the equipment you have on hire.

January is an excellent time to have a look at either upgrading or maintaining your existing stock.

Hiring new equipment as opposed to maintaining old equipment has the following benefits:

  • Boosts safety – new equipment considerably reduces the risk of any accidents on-site.
  • Saves time – minimise time spent repairing equipment and use this time to complete the job.

The above directly result in an increase in productivity and help you meet milestones and deadlines, increasing the profitability of a project if bonuses are attached to meeting milestones.
Hiring from PAL Hire provides you with a variety of brand new plant equipment ready to roll on-site and use immediately.

The flexibility of using a hiring supplier such as PAL Hire means we can cater to you even if you decide to simply maintain existing equipment. Our servicing options extend from plant and equipment to powered access to on-site toilets and welfare services.

The beauty of PAL Hire means we can also cater to the domestic market. Christmas is a great time of year, but some may decide they’ve got too many presents or the perfect Christmas present is a brand new kitchen. If you decide to renovate your property, you would need a skip to collect all the waste and rubbish. Speak to our team and they’ll be able to help you find the ideal skip.

When speaking to our consultants, they will advise you accordingly. You can contact them on the number at the top of this page.

Alternatively, use the link below to tell us what you hire and a ballpark cost and we will see if we can build a quote for you.

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