Access Cage

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Access Cage

This access cage is used to ensure safe transportation of injured personnel and is suitable for use on a forklift truck or crane.

An access cage, sometimes also known as a man cage is an inexpensive alternative to ladders and scaffolding for high-rise work.

It is robust and a much safer option for workers. Our cages have multiple functions and can be used for any type of elevated work as well as for stock taking in factories and warehouses.

Access cages supplied by PAL Hire can be hired with safety devises such as a safety chain, clamp bolt etc. An access cage not only carries workers but also tools safely without the risk of the tools dropping from a height and injuring those below.

Some access cages allow for more than one worker in the cage.

For a quote or to book a cage, get in touch with PAL Hire today. We will be able to advise you on which access cage is suitable for your requirements.