Air Conditioners

Hire air-conditioning from PAL Hire. We know how to keep you cool. Every project manager or Office Manager knows how important comfortable working conditions are for you and your team’s productivity.


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Heavy-Duty Air Conditioner

Ideal for halls and large areas, this heavy duty air conditioning unit delivers chilled air for rooms up to 60 m squared

Medium Air Conditioner

This is a sleek and mobile air conditioning unit that will cool down offices, computer and conference rooms.

The problem with heat and productivity

Every 1 degree past 25 degrees means a potential reduction in productivity by 5%. How to keep cool in the office, warehouse or factory? Our range of air conditioners for hire are suited to both personal and process cooling. A selection of our current cooling equipment stock also double as dehumidifiers. All our units are wheel mounted for ease of access. We have a much larger range that isn’t currently live on our new site so please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss models more suited to your cooling needs.