Audio Visual Equipment

Hire the best Audio Visual Experience for your paying guests. The best in audio and visual sensual delight is the minimum ticket paying crowds crave. To hear your acts or performance in high definitions audio, with quality depth and clarity is a minimum this day and age.

Digital Projection and Screen Hire provides a suitable alternative to expensive LED Screens. With the option of back projection, you have the ability to display multimedia in the same way but at a reduced budget.

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Digital Projectors for Hire

We have the following digital projectors for hire, available direct from stock. Others are available on request. Sanyo XP 51 – All Lens Options Available Barco Perform R12+ 12000 Lumen

LED Displays for Hire

Large format LED displays for hire. For festivals and events where the crowd needs to capture the detail as it happens. Using the very latest in display technologies your event

LED Screens for hire. Large moving images at your event are one of the main ways to add depth. From sporting events, festivals and rock concerts. Quality LED displays provide another level of quality to your event.

Lighting provides the final touch for any good event experience.