Canteen & Mess Hire

Canteen for hire and mess unit hire from PAL Hire. Canteen and mess units are hired at construction sites where participants need to sit down and eat.

PAL Hire has a range of different options to choose from. These cabins are easily transportable and are cost effective solutions for projects that take a longer than average time to complete.

Canteen hire units are fully equipped with plumbing, lighting and electricity and the same applies to mess hire units.

Available for short and long term hire Nationwide

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10 ft Canteen/Mess

Our 10 ft canteen/mess units are designed to offer adequate and comfortable welfare facilities for staff with comfortable and sanitary dining and resting areas.

12 ft Canteen/Mess Welfare Unit

Our 12 ft canteen/mess units offer comfortable and adequate welfare facilities and offer short or longer term solutions to welfare requirements.

16 ft Canteen/Mess

Our 16 ft canteen/mess units offer comfortable and adequate welfare facilities for short or long term welfare solutions.

20 ft Canteen/Mess Welfare Unit Hire

Our 20 ft canteen/mess units for hire. Providing clean and comfortable rest and dining areas with appropriate welfare facilities. Welfare units from PAL Hire are suitable for the construction industry

24 ft Canteen/Mess

Our 24 ft canteen/mess units provide appropriate welfare facilities where portable units are required. They can be delivered anywhere throughout the UK and can be temporary or permanent.

32 ft Canteen/Mess

Our 32 ft canteen/mess units are comfortable dining and rest environments which provide appropriate welfare and sanitary facilities.

A canteen comes with standard features such as a sink, worktop and in some instances, a water heater. Features such as slatted benching and coat hooks are also available. The flooring in most canteen hire portables is solid vinyl flooring for easy cleanup. Other options are available on request. Canteen tables and chairs are also available for hire. Mess hire portables can also be stacked on any steel office or drying room of the same size. If triple stacking is required, check with PAL Hire if you require a scaffolding specialist to help with installation. Check out our other equipment suitable for your long-term construction projects - plant hire - site equipment - tool hire - generators - roros