Eurobin Waste Services

Eurobins come in a variety of colours so that they can blend into the environment they are placed in or the opposite, bright colours for bleak areas to brighten up the area and remind people where waste goes!

Eurobins are also compatible with lifting equipment from the councils. Upon request, lid locks, drop fronts, directional wheels can all be added. All metal bins are galvanised throughout for added protection.

Need more options for waste removal? – check out our range of caged vans & skips.

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4 Items

1100 Litre Euro Bin

The 1100 Litre Euro Bin is the largest model that PAL Hire offers and is one of the most popular trade waste bin.

240 litre Euro Bin

The 240 litre Euro Bin can generally hold all waste types, but is mainly used for recycling glass.

360 litre Euro Bin

A strong and sturdy workplace bin, the 360 litre Euro bin will hold all general waste. It features handles for an easy grip and two sturdy wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

660 litre Euro Bin

The 660 litre Euro Bin is a medium capacity volume bin and is ideal for compactable industrial and commercial waste.

Eurobins are used in many settings from hospitals, property management companies, clubs, shopping centres to housing associations and throughout a wide range of other businesses.

Your bins will come in a range of Galvanized metal or high density plastic. Wheeled Eurobins all come with standard features of heat and cold resistance, are chemically resistant as well as UV protected for long usage.

Contract Waste ManagementOur customers benefit from full waste management ensuring that their trade / industrial waste is managed in line with legislation and where possible diverted from landfill. Speak to a member of the team to see what options we have for your business.