Event Barriers for Hire

Hire event barriers. Event barriers are essential to ensure the smooth running of your event. You can hire every type of event barrier from PAL Hire.

A fixed leg crowd barrier prevents crowds from crossing over whilst an event is taking place.

Other barriers which may be required at events may include a frame barrier around the stage to protect the artists as well as not having too many people right at the front.

An event barrier management plan is highly important to ensure lives are not endangered and that people actually have fun at your events.

Hire event barriers from PAL Hire for your event.

5 Items

Event Standard Anti-Climb Panels

These tall fence panels are ideal for demarcation and preventing access to private events or construction sites. CCB and anti climb fencing for events. Are available throughout the UK.

Event Standard Crowd Control

These lightweight crowd control barriers are useful for low security events and situations that may draw moderate crowds

Front of Stage Barriers

Ideal for concerts, festivals and other large productions, Front of Stage Barriers help to create a safe working area for security between stage and crowd

Picket Fencing

This stylish white picket fencing is British-made and perfect for defining areas or queuing systems at outdoor events.

Rope & Post Barriers

High quality Rope & Post barriers add a touch of class to any rented space. They are also lightweight and low maintenance, making them ideal for exhibitions and special functions

Event barriers must be of good quality and not have trap points or sharp edges which can injure and maim patrons. We supply only high quality stock tailored to your project needs.

For any event organiser planning a firework display, festival or a music concert, PAL should be your first point of call to ensure comfort and safety of your patrons.

We also supply a wide variety of other event setup supplies. Just take a look at our range of events toilets, site waste disposal and two-way radios.