Fences & Barriers

Fence and Barrier Hire from PAL Hire Ltd. We have a great and reliable supply chain which means you can have your hired barriers on site tomorrow. Get yours delivered next Day!

Customers like you find our fence and barrier hire is as ideal for events hosted at fields and parks to assist with crowd control and ensure that events are as safe and secure as possible. Use of barriers has increased over the past decade due to stricter health and safety requirements. You’d be surprised how often our business customers leave the hire of their safety / crowd control barriers to the last minute.

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Event Barriers for Hire

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Highway Barriers

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Water Filled Barriers

You will find we have a wide variety of fencing and barrier hire options for your site or event, our fences can also be used for demarcation or if needed for higher security, there are anti-climb fences available too.

Barrier and Fence Hire

Coupled with your existing security - temporary barriers and fences can safe time and money by ensuring the right people get access to the site.

From barriers that can also be used as traffic lane separators whilst road work is being carried out, to fully installed concrete motorway deciders. We can supply and sometimes install your barriers for you.

Speak to one of our team about your barrier or fence requirements and discover how quickly we can fulfil your order.