Fences & Barriers

Fences and barriers protect the public from construction sites, some of which can be highly dangerous due to open potholes and falling debris. Our Chapter 8 barriers are the industry standard to protect the public.

When planning an outdoor event, safety barriers must be at the forefront of your thinking. PAL Hire also provides fence hire services for large events and festivals.

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Fences and barriers are very popular options where there are events hosted near the road such as a cycling race or a foot race, or carnival. Our fence and barrier hire are also popular at events hosted at fields and parks from controlling concert goers to create fencing around amusement rides.

They are also popularly used at sports games where barriers and fences have helped prevent violence and keeping a crowd controlled. Barriers are also suitably located at industrial and construction sites to keep people out and allow for workers to continue with their work safely.

PAL Hire have a wide variety of fencing and barrier options for your site or event, our fences can also be used for demarcation or if needed for higher security, there are anti-climb fences available too.

Likewise, barriers can also be used as traffic lane separators whilst road work is being carried out.

We also supply a wide variety of other event setup supplies. Just take a look at our range of events toilets, site waste disposal and two-way radios.