Fencing Accessories

Fencing accessories are used when temporary fencing is hired for industrial and domestic use.

Our fencing accessories complement a wide range of temporary fences. PAL Hire Fence and Barrier hire customers also hire accessories.

Anti-lift or anti-theft devices are used to prevent panels from being lifted and stolen.

Fencing back-stays are accessories which provide extra stability to a fence panel. For fence panels to be stored securely, flat fence stillage are provided and these are ideal for large yards and events. Taking bookings for events and construction site fencing.

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Anti-Lift Device

The anti-lift device is used to prevent the removal or lifting of temporary fencing panels from their concrete feet. This is another security precaution to add to your security mix

Concrete Feet

These concrete feet hold all types of temporary fencing, including barriers and hoarding.


A coupler is essential for connecting temporary fencing panels, such as anti climb panels or crowd control fencing

Flat Stillages

Flat Stillages are used to stack and store temporary fencing panels.

Hazard Warning Lights

This hazard warning lights can be attached to fencing, cones or barriers

High Visual Feet

These high visual feet are ideal for holding fencing panels in areas where there is a lot of footfall.

Types of Fencing Accessories for hire

To connect two temporary fence panels, fencing couplers are utilised. Other fencing accessories include fencing stabilisers, frame extension arms, pedestrian gate and vehicle gates.

Concrete feet are used in fencing and hoarding. Reflective boards are widely used within pedestrian areas. As well as in areas where you want to make better visibility of the fencing used.

Rubber blocks and brace blocks are all designed to ensure the temporary fences are held in place securely for the event.

Fencing and Barrier Hire

PAL Hire have a wide range of fencing solutions suited to your event or construction site. Whatever your hire needs, contact us today for help and advice on your project. Our other temporary fencing and barrier solutions - Safety Barriers - Perimeter Fencing - Event Barriers - Pedestrian Barriers