Generator Hire

Generator Hire available from PAL Hire. Our generators are capable of powering outdoor events and machinery on construction sites.

Please note we offer professional consultative power generator hire. So we look at your business precise needs and ensure the generator hire meets your requirements and are fit for purpose. Matching your tool hire requirements and keeping your site running.

We offer you a wide range of generators, several of which can be hired and delivered within 24 hours.*

Speak to our team today to discuss your generator hire (and portable distribution) requirements and other hire services.

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10 kVA Generator

The 10 kVA generator is ideal for powering a variety of tools and lighting equipment on large project sites.

100 kVA Generator

100 kVA generator is a three-phase diesel generator and is suitable for a range of power and standby applications. The canopy is designed to significantly reduce noise pollution and can

1250 kVA Generator

1250 kVA Generator is one of the easiest generators to control due to its touch screen functionality. With a fuel capacity of over 1500 litres, this generator can run for

150 kVA Generator

150 kVA Generator is factory built and tested in production. It is the complete power unit with an easy start function, allowing for more time to get the work done

2.5 kVA Generator

Perfect for providing on-site electricity for lighting and small power tools, the 2.5 kVA generator is so portable it fits into the boot of most cars.

20 kVA Generator Hire

This generator can produce continuous high power for a variety of requirements, meeting on-site demands. The 20 kVA Generator is very silent, making it the ideal generator where there is a

PAL Hire generator hire delivers power to you when you need it most, including at times of emergency in offices, warehouses, and industrial settings.

We design generator hire plans based on your power requirements.

Generator Hire for all Settings and Problems

We provide generator services, with our range including continuous running models and traditional standby units, both of which can provide power if the mains fail.

Generator Requirements

If you're not sure what generator you may need, speak to our team. They have the knowledge to help you make the right decision. Our power generation solutions are designed to meet your precise business needs. From the way the generator is delivered to how it is hooked up and fuelled. We take into account every aspect of your power requirements so you can focus on what you need to do.

We will also be able to talk you through additional services that can assist with your power needs, including fuel management, installation, fuel tanks, portable generators to complement your generator hire needs. Above all our generator hire and services are aimed providing your business with the right service - cost effectively.

PAL Hire is a great place to get the generator you need for your business requirements. Generator hire made easy.

Enquire now to find out how our professional team can help you.