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Grab Lorry Hire

Grab Lorry hire is most suited to a large scale of waste or the transportation of, inert waste and bulk aggregates. Meaning our Grab Hire service can collect all types

Grab hire lorries are used at sites where dirt and debris are required to be picked up.

It is not uncommon to see them being used domestically at a home owner’s property whilst it is being built or demolished.

The only difference between a skip and a grab lorry is that the debris is picked up much quicker than manually lifting and throwing by hand in a skip.

Our lorries will ensure that your site is cleaned much quicker. Grab hire trucks are available in many sizes and the size chosen will depend on how much needs to be disposed of.

The large grab hire lorries that are utilised for commercial properties come equipped with clam shell buckets which allow for self-loading. The larger grab lorries are suited to collect concrete, rubble, tarmac, excavated soils and non-hazard materials.

Have you considered using our site waste collection or roros for your waste disposal needs?