Height Safety

PAL Hire supply a wide range of height safety products and equipment from Fall Arresters, Roof Man Anchors, Ten Minute Escape Systems to Tripod Access Systems.

For all your height safety requirements and to learn more about our equipment for hire, call and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable support team.

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Fall Arresters

Fall arresters are designed as a retrieval system When in action, the arrest will fall and allow the person to be winched back to safety. Our fall arresters are part

Roof Man Anchors

The Roof Man Anchors are useful when it is not practical to set up guard rails when a worker is on a flat roof. This is a one-man protection system

Ten Minute Escape Set

The Ten Minute Escape Set offers a constant supply of air for 10 minutes for escape from hazardous environments.

Tripod Access System

Our Tripod Access System allows for safely lowering a person into shafts and manholes and other confined areas. We also supply a winch and retrieval block. This system can accept