Infra-Red Heaters

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Commercial Infra-Red Heater

This infra-red heater is recommended for ‘clean’ areas such as offices, shops and hospitals. Using high frequency heat waves that penetrate the air without heating it, the infrared heater warms

Industrial Infra-Red Heater

This infra-red heater has been designed specifically to heat specific areas in garages, spray shops and warehouses

Swivel Infra-Red Heater

This swivel infra-red heater has a swivel head that has been designed to fully rotate so that it can precisely direct heat to specific areas. Dry damp walls, cure paints,

Infra-red heaters have been designed to achieve local heating spot within large areas in an office or industrial warehouse.

All heaters provide heat within seconds and are capable of delivering up to 3kW of heat from infra-red emitters.