Tower Lights for Hire

Our lighting tower hire is the ideal solution for sites that need to increase visibility and operate a 24/7 construction site.

PAL Hire can offer a broad spectrum of lighting towers, offering high visibility for day or night work. So whether its roadside maintenance, construction sites, housing development projects, events or rail projects we make national lighting tower hire easy.

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9 Metre Tower Light

An award winning innovation in environmental lighting, the VB9 provides full power metal halide light coverage whilst delivering real environmental benefits. Due to its reduced fuel consumption the VB9 provides

Eco Tower Light

The Eco tower light hire is built to be environmentally friendly. Studies have proven it can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5 times in comparison to conventional lighting towers.

Globelight Task and Area Light

The Globelight provides a glare free light source suitable for a variety of applications such as whole room illumination, walk ways or confined space as it gives off hardly any

Hilight LED Tower Light B5

Suitable for a wide range of applications the Hilight LED Tower is perfect for events, construction and any temporary lighting solutions. This includes Oil and Gas applications. This is cutting

HiLight Lighting Tower

Within three minutes, these lighting tower units are up and running, our highlight lighting tower is mounted on a high-speed chassis and is fully road safety compliant. This lighting tower

LED Festoon Lights for Hire

For general access or low level lighting to ensure alleyways or hallways are sufficiently lit to enable workers access to get the job done in the dark. LED means low

We offer both static and mobile light tower hire anywhere in the UK. This also includes fuel servicing plans. We make it easier to run your self-contained lighting towers.

We are able of offer a wide range of lighting solutions. Including both LED tower lights, as well as the energy efficient solar lighting.

We offer units such as the VT1 eco light which offers operating saving times due to its connectability to other units. The VT1 comes with an eco light sensor which can save the average site 4 hours of fuel per night, helping to reduce the carbon outlay.

For more information or a discussion with the best solution for your site call the team on 0844 288 7265.