Material Lift

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Genie Counter Balance Lifter Stacker Hire Packs

This hire pack includes the lift/stacker and suction grip to allow large panes of glass to be removed easily.

Panel Lifter

The panel lifter is almost like an extra pair of hands – the lifter holds the panel in place securely, whilst you fix permanently into place.

Power Stacker

The Power Stacker is invaluable in warehouse environments with high level racking.

At PAL Hire, we have a wide range of material lift equipment to meet any handling requirements you have. From a simple lift to more complex heavy moving tasks, we have you covered.

 Our range allows for one-man operation in a fraction of the time to get the job done quickly and safely.  The wheel mounted equipment and narrow design allows for the lifting material to be positioned with ease in various settings.

A manual stacker can lift loads up to 1000kg with ease. Our range of panel lifts allows the equipment to hold wallboards.

We recommend that with all our material lift hire equipment, it is also important to hire head and hand protection accessories. Contact us for all your material lift concerns and let us introduce you to our bespoke customer service experience.