Mini Cranes

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Folding Engine Crane

The folding engine crane is ideal if you are removing or refitting a car engine.

Mini Spider Crane

These mini spider cranes replace the need for much larger cranes, so are ideal when you have limited space on your site.

We are constantly investing in new equipment and maintaining our current fleet of mini cranes to ensure they do the job every time.

Our mini cranes are hired for a huge range of lifting solutions from steel erections, restoration and construction projects, plant maintenance and much more.

Our mini cranes are for hire on a daily or weekly basis across the UK.

Our range of mini spider cranes are so compact that they are perfect for spaces where access is often restricted or very hard to get to. They are used in some of the most difficult terrains out there and due to their compact nature, can be transported very easily.

Our range also includes the folding engine crane. This heavy duty mini-crane is ideal for trade workshops. The folding legs allow for compact storage.

To find the right mini crane for your lifting needs, contact us today.