Office Heaters

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Commercial Infra-Red Heater

This infra-red heater is recommended for ‘clean’ areas such as offices, shops and hospitals. Using high frequency heat waves that penetrate the air without heating it, the infrared heater warms

Fan Heater

Perfect for offices and rest rooms. Hire an office fan heater for delivery all over the UK available next day. Perfect for commercial, retail and offices.

Longwave Heater

This is an infra-red Longwave Heater is suitable for areas where people are working. The longwave heater is a recommended source of heat as it features none-glow ceramic elements, which

Oil Filled Electric Radiator

Highly portable, Oil filled Electric Radiators are suitable for small offices, domestic rooms and site huts. Complete with built in thermostat which keeps the room at a steady temperature. Oil

Retail Heater

This retail heater is ideal for areas where safety is key.

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