Pedestrian Control Barriers

PAL Hire has a full range of pedestrian and crowd control barriers for hire. Also these are available for delivery to building sites, events and locations throughout the UK.

These are temporary fencing/barrier solutions for hire. See below for details:

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Chapter 8/Plastic Pedestrian Barrier

These plastic pedestrian barriers can be placed on temporary road works, ground work and open excavations – Chapter 8 barriers are the perfect temporary solution to separate works from pedestrians.

Met Barriers

The Met barriers are the strongest crowd control barrier that PAL Hire has in its offering.

Metal Crowd Control Barriers

PAL Hire can supply metal crowd control barriers which are ideal for pedestrian and crowd control. Crowd control barriers are ideal to keep the crowd in control and safe. Made

Walkthrough Crowd Control Barrier

The walkthrough crowd control barrier is used for the movement of personnel through sites.

We have a complete range of security barriers and crowd control barriers for hire.

Our high-quality pedestrian barriers are strong and durable. Another feature is interlocking design. These barriers have a firm footing. To ensure stability and ease of deployment.


  • Some of our pedestrian barriers are supplied with weights. This prevents movement.
  • Other crowd control barriers have anti-trap feet. To prevent the barrier from tripping over. Consequently meeting safety requirements.
  • Clips are sometimes used to secure barriers/fences together. Therefore check with our team before ordering. Make sure you are familiar with the specifications.
PAL Hire is a perfect starting point for ordering materials for projects.

Customers also note that galvanised temporary security barriers are available from PAL Hire. These do not rust and are more durable in bad weather. Customers also use these to secure the perimeter of their building sites.

These are like branded security solutions. These are available for hire with PAL Hire. Contact one of our team to discuss requirements.

Temporary Crowd Control and Security Fences

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